Republicans, don’t you see there’s already socialism in America?

Republicans, don’t you see there’s already socialism in America?

On 08-31-2008, I wrote:

I know this is a Democracy we live in, and fore more, it’s a Capitalistic venture, and has been so since day one. But I really would like to know, what’s so wrong with a little socialism. To answer your question, I don’t think Republicans attend to the natural socialism that exist in this nation. It would be against their cause, instead they tend to argue about Hillary-Obama  types who want more government. The need for government intervention always is bad to Republicans (they say it’s un- American, it takes away the rights of the people, it ruins the work ethic and makes people dependent upon the government); yet whenever a corporate interest needs government intervention, silence is heard. I see government intervention very much alive in our nation, but it seems people are afraid to call it what it really is, SOCIALISM.  As quoted by another respondent to your question, Norman Thomas is correct, we’re going to keep on pretending this is not a socialistic democracy, and yet silent turn ourselves into socialistic nation. Which I think is a good thing. Power of the people, for the people through the government.


Does John Mccain represent change?

Does John Mccain represent change or is he more of the same?
and if you think he represents change tell me which one strikes into your mind as a good one.


I wrote on: 08-31-08:

Change is inevitable. There are factors going on currently that seem to only get limited media attention, that are huge political issues of the future. Yet politicians (i.e. Obama, would rather talk about bowling) For example there is soon to be a change in the American currency system, to the new Amero. I think McCain is for more experience and advised to handle this change. Compared to Obama who seems to not have good advisors on financial issues coming our way. Therefore, McCain is ready to handle change.


Why aren’t there any blacks or minorities in the Republican Party?


I wrote: 08-31-08

There are plenty of “colored” republicans, and they attend to the republican ideology (less government, good work ethics, conservative practices, and $$$ interest (j.k.)) I don’t know why people tend to think that just because I’m black that I can only have a voice by being a Democrat. I think that’s sort of racist. And to think that minorities are repressed and thus attend to the Democratic Party, as to “Thank Ya for helping us po’ ol uneducated people have voice in OUR America.” is silly. And may the facts be noted that the Republican Party has provided more opportunities for African American and women in the Supreme Court and Executive administration. (Please, look at Condoleezza Rice.)






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