End of Freedom of Expression

Someone recently questioned on the Yahoo, Answers community question blog, if the deletion of “Political Questions” on the site,  the the forward steps that could lead to censorship and the removal of the freedom of speech/written expression as stated in the First Amendment?  I think maybe she was trying to suggest that this site, deleted some “Political Question, which in actuality were the expressions of others. It suggested the ironic nature that exists; seeming an open form, (such as this site) could only exist, where Freedom of expression is regarded as a primal right. Even if the questions of expression are against the governance and its administration.


 I answered by expressing the following: “I’ve only had one of my politic questions removed from this site and it was because the rest of the community removed it. (I still don’t have a love for Bush Jr. and think he was selling the country off under peoples noses) nevertheless, I think this site and Yahoo offer a great open form to bring up topics of interest which are not NBC,MSNBC, CBS, ABC, or FOX scripted or slanted!!! So here’s to Yahoo for giving way to the freedom of speech and democracy!!!

20 hours ago.”


Well I was wrong!


For as this is being read, from my first email address created in 1998 in Cleveland, Ohio purely for the purpose of expressing my freedom of speech and linking with others who hold true that fundamental right. Hence I choose to communicate, express, question and learn by becoming a member of the YAHOO community.  Back then I thought that no other means of expression carried the true values of communication, as Yahoo.  Yet   nothing exists under my Lockeboy profile. Nothing exists where I intentionally wanted to pay homage to Mr. Locke for his expression of Liberty and the result of its invention. Could it have been deleted? Who knows! This account still exists, but it is not my original expression. Thousands of emails (in fact 122,602) fill what I consider empty space, wasted communication, since the base of what did exist has been deleted.  Maybe they should have just deleted the entire membership.  Why let wasted spam accumulate, while delete original expression.  This is why the First Amendment is so important, it in essence should prevent the powers of authority from limiting individual rights of expressions.


The questions and answers that existed may have been deleted, but the core ideology and values still exist.  In 1998, I merely wanted to document progression of the liberal right of individual existence in the United States.  In 1998 I questioned, “Do you feel you American?”  Back then I formulated the notions that a day could come, whereby the spirit of 1776 would be just as relevant as the current date.  John Locke expressed some ideal the true nature of Liberty, and the right to exist. America is a powerful notion of pure just factors that provide an “ideal” state of existence for those that desire to extend their effort. No higher power, except that of the universal GOD, can prevent or limit any one individual’s notion to exist and express.




 The act of deletion is the worst insult on the entire notion of that Freedom.  One of those pre 2000 questions, was how terrible for us humans, that a portion of historical linage, intentionally deleted the vast works of creation in the Alexandria Library.   They decided to censor in the worst manner, deletion. 


What’s even more ironic was my membership with another organization that I believe hold trust in the value of Civil Liberties: the ACLU (prior member 645,24259 I haven’t been able to pay my membership dues).  I remember someone expressing themselves by responding to one of my questions, and stating, how I could possibly be a member of such a horrid loud overbearing organization such as the ACLU.  Well it was for the same reason I wanted to be part of the Yahoo community, Answers. I believed it to be one of the few institutions that still valued freedom of expression and civil liberty.


So to the person who asked the question concerning the First Amendment and deletion of individual expressed property on this site…Let the facts of the empty profile of Lockeboy, be evident. For this is expressed from that very profile, that was created with the intent to question and express.  


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