Hip Hip Hooray for McDonald’s 6,000 Jobs Nationally

Paul Dewitt Goree 2010/May Las Vegas Nevada

We have been inundated with so much negative unemployment news. That finally this week, some inspiring news has come about. With the nation’s unemployment rate at 9.9%, the state of Nevada at 13.7% and the city of Las Vegas at 14.2% (1): It was refreshing to hear that one of America’s biggest food chain is doing something to diminish some of the head ache being experienced by many unemployed Americans. Yes, the great “Golden Arches” really have shown, what corporate America can do, if they really wanted to. This news arrives just in time, as the Labor Bureau of Statistics release recent data that placed Michigan as the highest unemployed state, followed by Nevada, California and Rhode Island. (1)

So how does, McDonald’s plan to help with America’s unemployment crisis? According to Paul Booth (franchiser of 3 McDonald locations) McDonald’s has plans to hire 6,000 Americans nationwide. Offering part-time positions to those interested in the employment opportunity. Mr. Booth stated, “I’m encouraged by the research findings because every day I see employees in my restaurants taking advantage of what’s on offer to them with both hands. It can change their lives significantly and that’s brilliant to see, whether they stay at McDonald’s or take their skills to the wider work force.” (2) I couldn’t agree more. During this economic crisis, simple actions such as these by McDonald’s, is what America need. The jobs being offered, should be considered more than low-end fast food jobs. These jobs are skill building jobs, which are essential within the wider work force and will help those employed handle the current financial crunch.

In Las Vegas, McDonald’s plans to hire 600 part-time employees on 5/25/2010. These employees will receive about $500 bi-weekly and pay only $22 dollar per week for benefits. (3) It is important to note that many large corporations, do receive tax benefits from D.H.H.S for hiring welfare recipients. I think this is a great incentive, for large corporations to increase their hiring practice and/or remove hiring freezes. This is a joint co-operative movement, by which the government and corporate America work together to help the economy.

Of course these jobs will not replace full-time employment or higher paid positions, which many of those employed may have had prior to this. But during a time when any employment is better than no employment, these jobs will give temporary financial relief for those individuals and families in need of them. So three cheers to McDonald’s; “Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!!!”


1.) Business Labor Statistic, “Unemployment Rates April 2010”
www. bls.gov

2.) McDonalds may offer up to 35 new jobs in Swindon
11:10am Thursday 26th March 2009 http://www.sindon.com

3.) McDonald’s Hiring 600 for Las Vegas Restaurants, KLAS Chanel
5/24/2010 http://www.8newsnow.com


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