By: Paul Dewitt Goree 5/29/2010 Las Vegas, NV

In response to the earlier blog entry, “Tier V, No Questions To Ask!”. I am proud to announce some supporting news from Nevada’s Congressional State Representatives. As mentioned in the entry, Nevada is lucky, seeming we do have the support of the Senate Majority, Harry Reid. In his correspondence, Senator Reid staff stated, “…shortly after the April 2010 break, Congress again faced the need to extend unemployment benefits. Unfortunately, a short-term extension of these benefits was blocked by a handful of Senators, led by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK).

Senator Coburn refused to allow a short-term extension of unemployment benefits to come to a vote in the Senate and as a result thousands of unemployed workers were unable to get benefits beginning April 6. However, I am proud to share that on April 15, 2010 the Senate secured the passage of H.R. 4961 with a vote of 59 to 38, extending unemployment insurance benefits through May 31st, 2010. I am particularly pleased that this extension allows unemployed workers to receive the benefits that were suspended during the time that this legislation was being delayed.” Unfortunately Senator Coburn, just won his 2 year seat from the state of Oklahoma, but maybe if his insistence continues, the constituents of his district will NOT EXTEND him to the Senate, in 2012.

In closing, Senator Harry Reid’s office stated, “Please know that my thoughts are with all Nevadans who are struggling during these difficult times. As the Senate Majority Leader, I will continue to work with anyone and everyone in Nevada and Washington on solutions to create jobs and get our economy back on track. Again, thank you for sharing your concerns with me.” Inspiring words for a politician at work. Again cheers to Senator Harry Reid.

Also in correspondence was Nevada House of Representative (D) Dina Titus, who’s staff stated “…Since then (H.R. 3548) Congress has continued to extend the crucial safety net of unemployment benefits. For example, I supported H.R. 4851, the Continuing Extension Act of 2010, when it passed the House on April 15, 2010. The legislation extended unemployment benefits for two months, prevented a 21 percent cut to doctors who treat Medicare patients, and extended COBRA subsidies that unemployed Nevadans rely on for health care. The extension of these key provisions is good news for Nevadans who are struggling to find work on the heels of the deepest recession since the Great Depression, but I know that our work is not done yet. That is why I will continue to fight to create jobs and get the country back on track while preserving access to vital unemployment benefits.” Again, inspiration from a politician at work.

I think this coming election and future elections, that we the people (the unemployed people), let Congress know what a privilege it is to be voted into Congress. As mentioned in a comment update, several organizations or doing just this, by submitting to President Obama and several key Congress Members, citizen petitions, urging the passage of Tier V benefits. To find the latest updated news concerning the 99ers petition, visit: http://worldnewsvine.com/tag/99ers/
or to sign recent petitions http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/tier-v-to-survive-or-join-the-unemployed .


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