So as I exist now as a contract entity and I qualify less than $8,000 of actual monetary income (understand that as a contract entity I have no right to unemployment insurance, unless I pay the associated fee myself. Yet I am bond to get taxed on that $8000 of actual income. So I fall into a gap where no unemployment insurance is being accumulated, yet the “income” obtained from this same contract agreement is questionable as taxable. So I paying for one service, and not eligible for an in directed related service. The more this group of people increase in numbers, the more hostile the macro society becomes. 

What are these conditions that are equations of the indifference.

1.) part time employment (20hours, no benefits, less value in money earned in comparison to the economy)

2.) unemployment insurance benefits ( I don’t think these funds should be taxable if less than $12, 000 in a tax year)

3.) barter. trade, black market transactions (black market transaction are a result of failed market or unjust markets)

4.) the use of market accounts, 401Ks and retirement funds.


This is something I will evaluate before I write another wordpress posting. But I will do all the research on Windows Live Writer. I am going to use Windows Live Write as a free thought conception page. Where I freely place thoughts and cognate them into worthy postings for wordpress.  A scratch pad of sorts.  Now I clearly see what I am thinking.

Unemployment is a huger issue than the news, government and industry is letting on.

It might be in some interest to  discredit the usefulness of unemployment insurance, as it is a expense subject to only employers and states, and maybe if the state was removed from the equation, then the federal government could administer Employment as in have more control of who independent private organization hire. For example increasing hiring quotes etc.

If unemployment insurance fails to serve the need of the people, what does that say about SOCIAL SECURITY INSURANCE. How will it tolerate the strain it is about to experience. Congress made a terrible mistake in not extending the 99ers. It is and will come to indicate failure of employment insurance true available resources.

All of these factors are factors against Obama and only suggest the government is attempting Socialism. Which for me and the purpose of my WordPress blog, is proof of the AMERO and unified North America (Canada and Mexico)


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