Tier V Up and Down

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Two weeks ago, Tier V extended benefits laid flat as a fish out of water. Although Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Congresswoman Dina Titus and the multitude of supporters, tried hard to get extended weeks included. At that time both Senator Harry Reid and Congresswoman Dina Titus, made it clear in correspondences from their offices, that the battle for extended weeks of benefits for the growing 99ers and other unemployed persons was not over. Well yesterday their honorable efforts met the cruel and erratic hands of the GOP. According to Harry Reid’s website:

“Unemployed workers in Nevada and across America cannot afford the games that Senate Republicans are playing with their economic certainty. I am disappointed that despite high unemployment numbers in Nevada and across the nation, not one Republican voted to provide out-of-work Americans the support they need to make ends meet. Senate Democrats will continue to fight to pass this bill and restore peace of mind to the middle-class families across America who Republicans have repeatedly turned their backs on.” Thank you Senator Reid for your sincere concern and determination.

In general H.R. 4213 received only 56 of the 60 votes needed to advance. The problem the Senate had with H.R. 4213 was the cost of the measure which is estimated to be around $200 billion dollars. The measure also included plans that would make for a delay in Medicare fee, business tax cuts, and aid to states for Medicaid cost. The fat trimmed from this measure, would have removed the additional $25.00 payment current clients receive in addition to their weekly claim. It also would have removed COBRA subsidies.

Again the nations unemployed are hung by a string, while some in Congress vote as they believe, which in this reference is: “Americas unemployed do not deserve additional benefits.” Currently the national unemployment rate is 9.7%. In the state of Nevada the unemployment rate is 13.7%.


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2 thoughts on “Tier V Up and Down

  1. Robert Stickel

    republicans need to learn from the Roman Senate during the crisis of 211 BC. Hannibal had just defeated Roman Armies at a terrible cost and seemed impregnible. The Roman Senators could not decided on how to act or respond, funding new armies was out of thier cost equation at the time. 1 in 5 Roman citizens were out of work amd shortages of bread was causing riots in Rome. Cicero told the Senators to go to thier districts and eat with thier consituents, come back and be prepared to understand the mood of the people.

    The did just that, and collectively they assigned 4 legions to harrass but not fight Hannibal until a trained army could be formed and a general found able to defeat him. Scipio Africanus was such a man, but it took 8 years to evict Hannibal from Roman soil.

    The Republican Senators who which time to kill this important bill should spend time with thier constituents, not thier oil company backers who are thier prime source of revenue for re-election bids. I have been a Republican since I could vote, in 1970. I have changed my affiliation over the lack of concern by the Republicans to feed the people of Rome and allow time to get through this financial crisis.

    If I am doing this, watch out for election year. The voter backlash is something they cannot gage by opinion polls taken by phone. It is measured by conversations with people out of work who share my sentiment that this is a critical piece of legislation and 200 billion is nothing compared to 334 billion paid out over the last 20 years to keep banks solvent.

  2. paulgoree Post author

    I also wonder if the GOP, Tea Party, and Republicans foresee voter backlash concerning coming elections and their failure to attend to their unemployed constituents.


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