Global Co-Herence and 2011/2012 Social Consciousness Development

As 2010 comes to an end. The only song going thur my mind, is by the 80s band The Police, ‘Spirits In The Material World.’ And seeming that we are facing ‘A’ future of ‘change’, it is good to be reminded, of our true nature. As spirits/energy we define the reality by which we exist. Some believe we have evolved to a new global awareness. From this idealogy, emerges a progressive organization, called The Global Co-Herence ( Seeming we are spirits in this material world, it is only natural that we consider our universal consciousness, which in the past has been de-valued or marginalized, because it placed an importance on love and peace. Well that’s what Rollin McCraty and assoicate Doc Childre detail in their organization, which is of universal love and so much more. McCraty and Childre are the forces behind HEARTMATH. Heartmath is something each and everyone of us could use. It decrease stress and helps one navigate through life with optimal health and spiritual security. The Global Co-Herence is an initiative to represent a conscious platform of the future. That platform is based on love, compassion, united care, social harmony, environmental responsibility, human treatment of animales, emotional communication and an overall interest in our existence within the cosmic order. I have been studying this organization to remove skeptic thoughts from my mind, by which I could note factual theorist who at one time or another had some beautiful parallel theories, of how our existence could be. I noticed that there seems to be 3 realms upon which Global Co-Herence is based. 1) Geo Maganetic Factors (ex: Carl Friedrich Gauss and Edmond Halley), 2) Emotional and Physiological Factors (ex: Herbert Koning and Dr. Howard Benson), and 3) Metaphysical Factors of Social Conscious (ex: Jean Jacque Rousseau , John Locke and Carl Jung). Over the next few posts, I will detail my findings concerning these 3 realms, the theorist listed and other contributing theorist who’s combined efforts have opened my eyes to the reality of a Global Consciousness. .


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