Global Co-Herence and Social Consciousness

4th time posting this-who knows. but I do know you can not stop the future as it comes your way. And that is what I have found in the great organization The Global Co-Herence ( www. As we move out of 2010, the only song on my mind is by the band The Police, ‘Spirits In The Material World’. And seeming we are facing ‘A’ changing future, nothing seems more fitting than a pro-active platform of social consciousness, that represents a consciousness of increased love, compassion, united care, social harmony, environmental responsibility, humane treatment to animales, optimal health and spiritual care, emotional communication and mostly an overall interest in our existence within the cosmic order. Here are some theorist to look into, Carl Jung (sychronicity), Mark Granvetter (theshold of collective behavior), Howard Benson (Relaxation Response) Jean Jacque Rousseau ( (Civil State, optimistic humane nature), , Friedrich Gauss ( earths magnetic field), Herbert Koning (Brain rhythms and frequencies) and of course, Rollin McCraty and Doc Childre who are the creators and founders of QThe Global Co-Herence’ and Heartmath.


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