Global Co-Herence : Geo-Magnetic Factor of Collective Consciousness

This is a work in progress, of some very interesting but difficult material. In general, the subject is Global Co-Herence energy. What is the basic factors that would lead to some type of collective consciousness? Rollin McCraty suggest frequency within us and it’s relation with the earths magnetic field, the sun, the moon, geo-magnetic pulsations, divrnal variation and inter plantary forces. THE EARTH, our planet has a magnetic field from the core outward. The core is iron alloy, about 1/3 size of the moon, boiling at 11,000 degree. Surrounding that liquid core, is the outer core, which is molten iron and nickle. Around the outer core is the mantal, which is warm rock, about 2/3 of the earths mass. The mantal draws heat from the center-to the surface. At the surface, the earth’s crust exist and it is 3 mile thick. GEO-DYNAMOIS is the generator of earth and is located within the outer core. A possible thoughts as to how it functions, is with circular motion by which electricity and magneticized currents, fill the core becoming the magnetic source of the earth. Magnetic poles exist at the north and south of the earth. As the earth rotates the magneticized heat generated in the mantal, moves through the surface and out into the ionoshpere; creating the earths magnetic field. Distrubances occur when solar winds/flares crash against the earths magnetic field causing electrical storms (aurora borelis) and lighting. From these electrical storms, electro magnetic radiation, magnetic currents and magnetic waves result. These electro magnetic waves progate in both vaccums and matter. In general reference, to determine a waves propagation thur space, the waves velocity, speed, length and dispense relationship must be equated. A wave is mainly the movement of energy, through a medium or vaccum. Waves are classified by their frequency. There are various types of waves, concerning Global Co-Herence, one needs to examine the wave impulse within the limbic system, which is located in the anterior cingular cortex where synaptic occurences create/define human emotions and feelings. Thus our emotions and feelings could be considered waves of energy, which affect and are effected by the oscilating waves of the earths magnetic field.


One thought on “Global Co-Herence : Geo-Magnetic Factor of Collective Consciousness

  1. paulgoree Post author

    I forgot to mention Winfried Schumann. 1952 Schumann discovered radition from the sun ionizes part of the earth’s atmosphere and formed a conductive layer. This layer is termed, ionosphere and has a positive charge, relative to the earth’s negative charge. Schumann Resonance monitors low ionosphere distrubances and geo-magnetic distrubances. New uses of the Schumann Resonance are found in medicine by monitoring planet rhythms and human health, with social unrest. For related interest here are some human frequencies: human hearing = 12Hz-20,000Hz, Healthy Body Functions = 62Hz-68Hz, Body with a Cold/Fever = 58Hz, the earth = 7.8Hz and the heart beats 70 beats a minute = 1.7Hz


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