The Metaphysical Factors of Collective Consciousness Part One (global coherence)

Forward upon the subject of Global Coherence. The second factor of interest concerning global coherence, is the Metaphysical Factors that lead to collective consciousness. I love this factor most of all (considering sociology). To begin with, we must consider what type of social order is best for the individuals that make a collective whole. This question has been the formost political question through out history, as humans evolved from city-state tribes into urban metro cities. The civil order of a population determines it overall bearing upon the earth. In the past this bearing has been structured around nationalism and cultural prevalence. This concept must be altered as we enter a global mode, where by collectiveness preceeds individualism. The individualism of the past had lead to a competative environment, which resulted in no equality. If we each have a natural right of existence upon this earth, by birth alone, where is it conceived that one man, one culture, one race has an advantage. This has been the biggest lies of our history. An intentional effort by one culture to to lead all others is wrong. They termed it civilized and yet spiritual they were cruel monsters of idiocracy. But as 2011 and 2012 emerges, these ideals will be removed from society and a new order of civil justice and social existence, replacing it.. We can look towards global coherence as a final solution of past errors of social inequalities. So I think of global coherence and the first theorist that comes to my mind is Jean Jacque Rousseau. Rousseau is the idealist of civil statehood. It is Rousseau’s optimistic thoughts of civil humanistic lives, that dreams of an utopia are based. What are these humanistic factors that preside in all of us. 1) self preservation 2) compassion impulses 3) notion no human wants to harm another-humans are merciful. If this is a true factor, then how did such inequality and social represpression alienate our souls. Rousseau points to ‘modernity’ of commericialism has disconneccted each from one another. We have been conditioned to competitiveness and private ownership as an reward. I like Roussseau ‘modenity’, I think the drive to be competitive has voided our natural impulses of humanistic endeavors and an unbearable guilty has displaced us as we attempt to rationalize ourselves in the society we have created. Rousseau suggest that more value is found in interactive relationships, than material worth. It can be assumed that the same applies to global coherence.


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