3rd Who’s Time Is It Anyway

They say when it rains, it hails: and from the view at the watch tower it is hailing. Cats and dogs in a round about confusion-something expected seeming this is always their nature. But this time other factors are upon against the wall upon which they fight their war. Back in Dec 2008, I started blogging here on wordpress: my intentions to follow unemployment in Nevada, Obama review and parallel FDR 1935 to Obama 2008. Today I review 4 of those posting and question, why do cats and dogs fight? The first one, posted 12/21/2008 Unemployment Quote From FDR 1932, second Unemployment Tier IV Obama Rooselvelt comparison (posted 3/25/2010), Third Who’s Time Is It Anyway (6/5/2010), and the Foruth 2nd Who’s Time Is It Anyway (6/9/2010). What these all result to is stated in the first posting, wherby in 1932 Rooselvelt stated that during these time of economical recession/depression, it is important that we all …’above all try something…the fault of our economy…we all suffer…happiness lies not in the mere possessionnof money; it lies in the joy of achievement…in the thrill of creative EFFORT’. This made me think, cats and dogs will fight time and time again: sometimes for themselves, sometimes for those who contract them too. But when it comes to me, and my intent to do something-keep busy, I ask both of them, ‘Who’s Time Is It Anyway.’


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