$5 Worth of Irresponsibility- [ Social Debt)

As our president enact some form of ‘universal health care’ I ponder the effectiveness of such legislation. A wise veteran wittingly prob me and stated, ‘They in DC, are pushing socialized health care. As if Americans are ready- preventive measures might be the missing bolt, which makes the entire platform fall. Do you understand preventive measures?’ I laughed, the honorable veteran was correct and in response I uttered something about cig smoke, second-hand smoke and cancer. ‘The witty veteran smile…’and that’s just the begining- how are your eating habits. I go out of my way to eat a healthy diet to ensure good health as much as possible. Should your fastfood, quick snack diet habits be my financial responsibility when it comes to OUR united health care?’ I fully understood the witty veteran and how ready is America for universal health care. Well I myself am not angel when it comes to being preventative about my health. But I do now more than ever make a conscious effort. Yet around me, I witness neglect. The preventative ideal is suitable for other realms of our society- for example, the amount of effort and cost public health care facilities put towards healthcare sexual preventive care- I am shocked about stories (fictional or not) concerning a street hooker letting a fool of a client , cum inside her for $5. Yes that’s right, $5 condoms cost less than that and are free at all public health centers, yet these two adults made a $5 decision, that could end up costing the rest of us, thousands. Understanding this has made me internalize the witty veterans words more than ever and to circulate the already present, ideals on preventative care concerning health.


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