The Metaphysical Factors of Social Consciousness Part 3 (Global-CoHerence)

The final metaphysical factor to examine, when considering Global CoHerence is by Carl Gustav Jung: and represent the core element of collective consciousness. During the 1920’s Carl Jung introduced the term, SYNCHRONICITY. Synchronicity suggested a conceptual relationship of the human mind. This relationship was intricately structured in it’s own logical way: giving reason for relationships that are not causal in nature. These non-causal existences suggest a larger framework existed which revealed underlying patterns of consistence. Jung termed the events as – Temporary Coincident Occurances of Acausal Events. Acausal parallelism is what it came to be known as, in 1952, when Jung published his work titled ‘An Acausal Connecting Principle’, which basically detailed underlying arche types and the unconsciousnes cue, which governs the dynamics of the human experience, espeically those whereby collective behavior is experienced.

Jung believed that there are parallels between synchronized aspects of relative theory and quantum mechanics. Life was not a series of random events, but rather an expression of a deeper order. This lead Jung to express concepts that suggested, we live in a conscious reality and the realism of this reality has elements of a spiritual nature. A good example would be those who call upon spiritual forces to assist them in this material reality. (Eva Wong in her work titled, Taoism, suggest that Asian shaman and culture call upon ancestial spirits to provide a sort of interventional grace.) — For Jung people simply accepted the orderly framework of the conscious reality, often over looking coincidences as uncanny events due to subjectivity. yet the more coincidences a person experienced, the higher the improbability of the causal occurence.

Jungs ground breaking work, inspired Sigmund Freud who believed, no other theorist could begin to explain the human sub-conscious as well as Jung. Freud altered Jung’s work, he added that the coincidence of occurence was more probable, with the self creation of a psychosis. The scientific community widely accepted Freuds explained theory over Jungs ‘Spiritual Synchronicity’, but that factor did not deter Jung, nor did it prevent Freud for crediting Jungs original work. — Jung went on to detailed that the attainment of spiritualism and continued sychronicity caused the confirmation of the new relationship between the internal and external realities. Jung believed the wider external spiritual factor to be directly linked with the science of Astrology and Astronomy.

Other theorist such as Richard Tarnas, went on to provide vivid examples of sychronicity at work within a collective mannerism, such as that found in global coherence. Coincidences such as creators Hank Ketcham (who lived in the USA) and Nigel Parkinson ( England) who both created a similar cartoon character and script in 1951-3 days apart from publishing release. The British character was named ‘Beano’, the American character, ‘Dennis The Menance’. Or author Morgan Robertson’s erry novel titled, ‘Futity’ about an unsinkable cruise liner named the Titan. Robertson’s novel was published in 1898, the infamous Titanic sank in 1912. Also Jung was greatly honored by the 80’s band The Police in 1982/83, when they titled their award winning album after Jung’s theory of Synchronicity.


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