Wages, Contigent Workers and Independent Workers

Currently the unemployment rate in Nevada is 14.5%. With condition like this some employees maybe blindly lead into ‘UNFAIR’ work condition, just to have something verse nothing. Yet these actions of both employee and employer lower employment status for the general public over-all. How so, one might ask? Well first of all employers end up not having to pay employment based taxes that contribute to unemployment benefits. Recently Nevada State Assembly officles: Ken Dixon (D), Bonnie Parnell (D) and Shirley Breeden (D) are calling for a legislative sub-committee to re-define the use of employee status classification. It has been suggested that employers with intent, use the term ‘Independent Contractor’ when placing employees to work to avoid unemployment trust fund taxes. The sub-committe has voted to impose a $5K fine for the first offense, $15K for the second offense and $25K for the third offense by employers, who regularly employe based on Independent Contactor terms, when in actuality they have employees.

The terms which define a Independent Contract Work differ from those that define a Contigent Worker/waged Employee. An employee receives a pay check, hours worked are controlled by the employer, integral to the day to day operations, is under the authority of the employer, relies on the income of the business. An Independnet Contractor supplies their own material and tools, can discharge from work any time, flexible with hours, non-integral to the business operations, pays their own unemployee fees.. In the state of Nevada the laws which govern employement can be found in the NRS Chapter 608. Some of the more important ones for all workers to know are 608.016 the min wage in the state of Nevada for persons not receieving health care benefits is $8.25 as July 1, 2010.

Ryan, Cy ‘Law Makers Targeting Business Ducking Employee Taxes: 6/11/2011] ‘0 Las Vegas Sun, ‘Emploer


2 thoughts on “Wages, Contigent Workers and Independent Workers

  1. Paul

    I have now decided to take legal action against one such prior `quasi` employer – I really hope it leads to a class action case to get justice for all the other workers manipulated. This is what Marx stated most, employers taking advantage of workers without heart or compassion. Just plainold employer greed. Well lets hope that the Law sets one employer correct.


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