Faith, Change and A Mysterian Fate

This posting is a work in progress. I want to open with the word CHANGE. Change is a powerful word, for as detailed by Saul Alinsky:power is the ability to do. And what is done is resulted in change. We dually accept change and are fearful of change. Yet it is an event which occurs, leaving some powerless in their efforts and others powerful. For the most part we change for the better. During the 18th century, the world experience a change in political philosophy which resulted in the creation of The United States of America and the progression of liberty, freedom and individualism. Change was good during that century for those who, opened themselves to the possibilities of all that is within this universe. No longer would government or religion limit, any individuals quest for understanding of the Great Mystery of life. As centuries past, the progression of change is evident the ending result of it’s affaires. It affaires are directly linked enlightenment. “from the begining -1690 Enlightenment drew vociferous supporters and opponents…yet has always involved political stakes of changing nature over time.” Well it is now our time to contribute to the Enlightenment Change and here is what I (a Christian ) propose. 1.) The African – Yoruban Creationalism Story 2.) Mysterian Philosophical Theories 3.) Quantum Physics 4.) Quantum Mechanics 5.) The Church of Jesus Christ 6.) Global Co-Herence 7.) Social Democracy 8.) Social Networking 9.) John Polkinghorne, Bob Russell, Antonie Suarez , Sandra Barnes, Harold Coulander, Rollin McCarty, Roger Nelson, Doc Childre and Joyce Myers. I hope we evolve into a global state, where I can reside in Kenya (Diani Beach Africa) have children and we all retain our American citizenship.


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