State Symbols (work in progress)

I want to see how many states have a reference to the union of our great nation within their flag, state seal or motto. A comparison of those states might suggest some kind of Jungian synchronization, at which point, I’ll create some type of stratified association of that states reference. My guess is that some unexplained event is associated. The event is latent, but the association carries a very powerful sub-conscious message to society.

ARIZONA, The first state is Arizona. 13 alternating stripes, representing the 13 colonies of the nation, united by the endeavors of a collective repressed people, in search of refuge from social and political non repression. The Gold Star represents Arizona as the Copper Ore state. So what are the events that lead to 1776? Basically, some PEOPLE got tired of being regulated by A BIG GOVERNMENT. The idealism of revolution arising from discontent started this, and arises again in 1860. Revolution is the road to independence. What are the social cues that rattle PEOPLE, in such a way that they collectively assemble and advance into revolt? 1776 represents the threshold of tolerance. It has come to suggest, collective social power is obtainable with unification.

The unification is simply a stratified notion of wrong doings, which is in contrast of what is right and just, under human terms. The tension between the two creates a collective wit, which is unstoppable. It fuels its own reason and because it is stratified it acts as a gateway, inviting any and all into a flame that burns with victory destined to be rebuilt from the ashes of the past. The primary reason this suggestion (1776) stirs emotions is because it is the wit of all; excluding the privileged or haves. As history has proven to us, those excluded are socially displaced in a society of life based on inherit merits or economic merits.

These excluded 3rd class citizen are the very core of the true macro society. Yet they are degraded with social propaganda designed to keep them restrained. Somehow these excluded PEOPLE, become distanced from what the cause is and their very much needed, day to day survival. Their effort to survive, desensitized them to the very essence of what the person who represses them, has taken as a privileged right of their kind; which is also their right. They are subjected to a slew of interpersonal harassments and tactics that is the cause of a deflated self esteem and life ambition.

There is an intentional attempt to condition them through the benefit of silence. And most disheartening to me, is they among themselves, already victims to social injustices, hate, based on minute differences. At various times, these powerful PEOPLE united, have been represented in various societal roles within our nation. I am most interested in, the working poor and non-working poor surviving at or below the threshold poverty level of $21756 (2009 These PEOPLE have been repressed twice, by the same power that provides the barest requirements to their exist. Currently, these PEOPLE are ever increasing in number as our nation experiences the ills of Capitalism, without just distribution of wealth.

They are repressed once by their employers (note many great corporations McDonald’s,,, GM, Ford, IBM, Microsoft, Boeing, Kellogg, Kelly Services, UPSN etc- do make a conscious effort to empower their employees to successful rewards of a team effort) who offer minimum wages, no benefits or costly benefits and regulate supervision with micro management, which is alienating to workers, who come to work to work and not be demeaned by unfair business practices. The income and security earned by these industrious workers (blue collar laborers) cannot begin to be contrasted with the disportioned profit margin salaries, perks and bonuses received by a selective few of an entire team effort.

They then are repressed again, by Capitalistic political agendas that enact legislation that increase their economic burden and effects the welfare of their children and families. These agendas result in educational budget cuts, which although not mention or maybe intended, have a hammering effect on the quality and security of their children futures. Their children are optioned, by the efforts of local government into, differing public schools, within the same system. They and their children are indebted with loans to attend higher educational institutions, and yet they are employed where another privileged higher salaried employee, is less affected by these social injustices, because of a non-redistributed ideology separates livelihoods.

The salaried employee might be unaware of the effects, overcrowded class rooms, text book selection and courses offered have on another worker, who is at or below the poverty level. They may not be aware that within their work environment. Their effort (regardless of title) is a portion of a collective whole, resulting in differences within the macro society. I cannot for the life of me understand how and why some corporations refuse to consider the just nature of re-distribution of wealth, knowing that each individual worker’s value is equal in the end result. No product or service would exist without a team effort. Other nations have provided evidence of this notion of just entitlement, yet some American corporations remain firm in an antiquated business practice. 1776, Symbolizes discontent with the status quo.

What resulted from this discontent was the 13 colonies represented a united nation. Interestingly that nation re-organized and smoothly transitioned into a new nation, with a united spirit. With the signing of the Constitution in 1787, the end of the raw spirit of 1776 became formalized with representative government that strengthens a nation and its people. There is some fundamental element of right that can be associated with 1776 and the resulting 13 colonies united effort. I am immediately reminded of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ which detailed the essences, of that fundamental element.

NEVADA Nevada’s state seal has the written words, “All for Our Country”. Before 1866, the seal read “Volens et Potens” (“Willing and Able”).

MASSCHUSETTES Massachusetts’s state seal flag, “Ense Petit Placidam, Sub Libertate Quietem”, meaning “The sword, we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.”

VIRIGINA Virginia’s state seal on the front has the image of the Roman Goddess, Virtus and states, “Sic Semper Tyrannis”, meaning “Thus Always to Tyrants”. On the back of the seal is the Roman Goddess, Libertas.

GEORGIA Georgia’s state seal depicts an arch with 3 pillars. The 3 pillars represent the 3 branches of our America political platform: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Wrapped around each pillar is an associated reference: Wisdom, Justice and Moderate.


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