FDR Had Harry Hopkin, Obama Has Alan Kruegen.

FDR Had Harry Lloyd Hopkins, Obama Has Alan Krueger
By: Paul D Goree

On this blog I have detailed many, what I term, “Scholar Hero’s”. A Scholar Hero is a person I admire, who has contributed to the great move for Social Economic Justice in the United States of America. Harry Hopkins is now a Scholar Hero, for me. This blog has been comparing 1935 to 2008-2011 with regards to unemployment. President Obama’s “so-so” duty of handling unemployment, has leads to further welfare recipients, and should be a great concern to all of us. What I found so amazing about Harry Hopkin’s is his acute decision making ability. Harry Hopkin’s, besides being advisor to FDR, was also the head of the Civil Works Administration (CWA), while Harold Ickes Sr. led the Public Works Administration (PWA). Both Administrations were part of the New Deal, however both had varied results.
Mr. Ickes approach to handling the unemployment issue of the nation, dealt with unemployment indirectly, using private contractors, instead of the federal government itself. This approach did not utilize all the funds authorized, resulting in little effect to the millions of unemployed persons. Those private contractors were not able to convince businesses to expand their employment, during the nation’s greatest depression (Charles Peters and Timothy Noah). It is believed that this failed method is the same method utilized by President Obama and his administration, with the use of stimulus funds, which have not had a great dynamic effect on the unemployed. After 3 years of continuous growth from 2008 to 2010, the unemployment level is idle at 9.1% (www.bls.gov).
Roosevelt, discontent with Mr… Ickes poor result, the first year, allocated 1/3 of Ickes budget to Harry Hopkins. Hopkin’s primary effective strategy was to place as many as possible, unemployed persons directly on the Federal Governments payroll. Roosevelt goal of getting 4 million people employed by the coming summer was reached and Roosevelt redeemed some respect for what critic’s termed, “Alphabet Agencies”. The reason, Hopkin’s was successful had nothing to do with intellect or superior genius. This is my reason for having great respect for the man. Unlike Ickes, who was so afraid of his duty in regards to sentiments from critics and the press, Hopkin’s was fearless and indifferent to what the critics and press had to say. Dyer times call for decisive decision making, and one has to rely entirely upon their natural instinct. Ickes although effect in some public work projects, most notably The New York Triborough Bridge and some questionable housing projects, was too cautious when making decision that effected millions of Americans. He was slow to attend to issues and always worried about regulations and critic response. This is the wrong way to be during national emergencies. The better characteristic is that which Hopkin’s displayed, simply following one’s heart and facing the problem head on, knowing that critics are always going to criticize (that’s their job): you on the other hand have to be able to implement, without doubt what you feel is right and will benefit the majority of the population. I think that’s an admirable characteristic and it inspires me to see it in Mr.. Hopkin’s, who dealt with Social Services.
I wish President Obama, would take a hint from Hopkin’s and follow his natural instinct. Like Hopkin’s, President Obama has a genuine love for this nation and we the people. With such a genuine state of being, fear is senseless. Obama and his administration, believe they have a good economic advisor, Alan Kruegen. Krugen is a micro-economist, focusing on job creation and individual aspects that affect the unemployed sector of America, during this recession.


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One thought on “FDR Had Harry Hopkin, Obama Has Alan Kruegen.

  1. paulgoree Post author

    Update: Obama made an excellent choice…seems Krueger has some of Hopkins traits…Good Going Team OBAMA (2012). The following is from CNN…( http://topics.cnn.com/topics/alan_krueger )

    CNNMoney: Democrats step up income inequality battleupdated January 12, 2012

    In yet another push to define the Democrats as defenders of the middle class, a top economic adviser for the Obama administration outlined Thursday the massive growth in income inequality and its ramifications on the nation. Alan Krueger, chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, said that inequality is now causing an unhealthy division in opportunities and is posing a threat to economic growth. Economic mobility has decreased and the middle class has shrunk.


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