Solar Particles and Human Emotions


By: Paul Dewitt Goree  2012 Phoenix, Arizona


This is an ongoing research attempt, in which I am pondering the question of solar activity and its effect on human cognitive skills. Prior posts have suggested that frequencies are instrumental in our daily operation. And that coherence to human emotional frequencies is a possible answer for many of our global social issues. (Cooper, 2002)

Doc Childre and Howard Martin working with the Heartmath organization, suggest that everything starts with the heart. The heart generates a measurable frequency, which is electromagnetic. These frequencies alter and are correlated with emotional states. (Cooper, 2002)  Childre and Martin have developed several positive heart development/stress reduction modular, terming them “quantum nutrients.” These nutrients vary from regular exercising, good eating habits, relaxation and emWave2 (a computer compatible device that provides a simultaneous state of relaxation, readiness and revitalization.) (Childre and Martin, 2011)

Much has been stated about Childre and Martin, with Global Coherence. But lately I have been venturing into a much obscure area of this frequency concept. For me it started in June 2011, when I was following NASA and NOVA related stories concerning the effects of coming solar particles in our ionosphere. The stories basically explained, how solar flares are common in our earthly history, and that they do not harm humans. The most effect would be disruption of gps systems, communication satellites and due to the particles themselves in the ionosphere, a spectacular aurora borealis display. (Lovett, 2012)

Yet something seems unexplained to me. If a portion of our human physical essence is nothing more than energy. Whereby energy can be measured in frequencies. Of which frequencies are altered by magnetic fields. Then why is it ludicrous to ponder, if these solar flares affecting our ionosphere, can have a similar effect on our physical energy/frequency?  If cellular phones with there microwave radiation is damaging to humans, then why wouldn’t gyrosynchrotron radiation at microwave frequencies, from solar flares be? (Holman, Gordan) The effect I suggest would be in our emotional state of being and in our energy levels. Since June 2011, when the first solar storm occurred, I have noticed a difference in the sun intensity and it’s relation with me emotionally. Following the journal and news articles I was reading at the time, I speculated that these feelings would increase throughout 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 (when the solar storm is expected to end). This year we have experienced two major solar storms, and I still feel odd. I feel as if I’m detaching. I feel awkwardly peaceful (not as concerned about life in general). I feel as if I have to generate more energy to think, whereas if I simply relax, problems somehow get resolved. I feel very alienated from people who are aggressive and angered. I smile a lot more, and overall am happy.

The problem with all of this is that I feel as if I’m zoning out consciously, and yet emerging into the sub-conscious realm of our reality. Strange, yes I know, but then I have come across some research of others who are feeling the same way.  Such new age thinkers like, Angela Artemis, whose work details how to unleash emotions magnetically.

 Artemis states;

                “…Each emotion has its own frequency as well. I don’t think there’s anyone who would disagree that there’s a marked difference between being around someone who’s joyous and someone who’s depressed. The frequency level that we emit has everything to do with how other people respond to us. I’m much more attracted to be around the joyous person, aren’t you?” (Artemis, 2010)


Another new age thinker on this subject, is Mitch Battros.  Battros work suggest that the solar storms we are experiencing, do have an effect on our physical state of being, especially our emotions.  Battros details his thoughts concerning frequencies and the effect it has on the central nervous system.  Battros states;

“ …When examining differential effects of slow (1 Hz) and fast (10 Hz) repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) over the left or right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) on random number generation (RNG) performance, it was found increased confusion or increased excitement could be controlled by magnetic pulse…” (Battros, 2006)

Battros full work (four essays) explaining “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” can be found at .  The following video details Battros thoughts. It is a live radio interview with Clyde Lewis of the Ground Zero Show.




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  1. paulgoree Post author

    Additional supporting data: From (

    Gamma waves are fast, high-frequency, rhythmic brain responses that have been shown to spike when higher cognitive processes are engaged. Research in adults and animals suggests that lower levels of gamma power might hinder the brain’s ability to efficiently package information into coherent images, thoughts and memories. However, until now little has been known about the developmental course of gamma power in children. (Paxton, 2008)


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