Solar Flares, Social Consciousness and A New Mysterian Synopsis.


I’m finding an odd correlation between, solar flares, a dampened synaptic system, 2012, global coherence, human spiritual evolvement and thoughts of an optimistic future. I’ve been focusing on Carl Jung’s Synchronicity and todays unraveling metaphysics truths. I am not alone and what once was considered “pseudo psychology” is now a looming reality of our existence. There have been countless apocalyptic theories regarding doomsday theories. 2012, has been the latest of these end of civilization fears. Personally I have never thought 2012 (Mayan calendar) to be a prophesized event of the earths’ oblivaion. I have always believed it to suggest a change. A change where by we humans, come together and work with the wonder of nature.

Recently I watched director Joao Amorim’s documentary film “2012: Time for Change”.  In the film narrator Daniel Pinchbeck, explores tribal wisdom and modern scientific methods, with empirical results. From various interviews with schlors, artist, and theorist, Pinechbeck reveals the notion that 2012 is possible a time for change, by which we can redesign society, ecologically for the better. The film confirmed my own intuitive thoughts of 2012: advancing a rebirth of the interactive social human.  This rebirth would emphasize social coherence/social collaboration.  It is with this rebirth, we will make void individual monetary gains that have enudated us since the industrial revolution. We are embarking upon a rebirth by which civility removes social ills: and all life on earth becomes the epitomy of “The Kingdom of God” as depicted in Psalm 21:1. Gone are the stratified reglious conflicts that have only resulted in blood shed. Born is a common unified truth a higher power. Gone are the vicious counter attacks between science and divinity. Born is the metaphysical functioning of both. Bringing to the frontline of human development, notable physicists such as John Polkinghorn.


In November of 2010, while watching the Daystar Network, a Christian physicist explains the quantum physic, of Jesuss’ walk upon the Sea of Galilee. As I watched in awe, my spirit rejoiced, “Thank Lord, we’ve finally come to terms over which are the sole truth. Thank you Lord,  for guiding us to this regenerating phase.”  Amorim’s documentary details similar thoughts of  merging the spiritual and natured realms, for a harmonious co-existing.


[Link to Amorim’s   2012:Time For Change   Directed by: Joao Amorim

All of this empowering spiritualism has made me define myself as a MYSTERIAN in practice. The new mysterians maintains that humankind is not capable of understanding consciousness in it’s’ infinity. (Wikipedia, 2012)   However we are very capable of evolving and attaining harmonious affect, control and change of the earth. We are headed towards a new spiritual, social and scientific consciousness, which core basis is a metaphysical discipline. (Zaria, 2008)  The mysterian with their out of the box frame of mind, is aware of the conscious evolution we are evolving to. Theorist such as Carl Jung, Julian Huxley, Sri Aurobindo, Abraham H. Maslow, Jonas Salk, Bela H. Banathy, Hank Wessleman, Mark Granvetter, James Hillman, Macolm Gladswell and countless others who are contributing to our new human conscious evolution.


In my last post introduced the concept of Solar Flare radition and its’ affect on humans. Having researched this issue further, I believe it might provide evidence as to how this new coherent human conscious evolution might manifest. As stated in the last post, solar flares are large explosion on the sun’s surface. From that explosion, large quantities of electromagnetic radiation are released into space.  When these explosions occur, they set into motion electrons, producing electromotive pulses, which are negatively charged as they enter the earth’s magnetic field. This creates a disturbance in the earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere. The disturbance of solar particles in our electromagnetic spectrum produces various wavelengths, such as radio waves, x-rays, infrared, ultraviolet rays and gamma rays. (Benedict and Holman, 2007) It is well known that X-Rays and UV radiation effect radio communication and the human body. Ample research has documented that UV rays (ultraviolet rays) can cause skin cancer and cataracts. (Stanford Medicine, 2010). But only with recent research has this subject been analyzed with regards to human behavior.


A lot of research is now re-examing Konig, Ankermuller and Wever work done in 1975. Their study detailed that the brain is sensitive to electromagnetic fields, suggesting that the central nervous system functions can be altered by electric particles. Such delays could result in memory problems, thought processing, fatigue and irratibility.  Konig, Ankermuller and Wever stated behavioral changes from ”…electric fields at 5-15Hz with peak amplitude of 2-10V/m…” were very possible. (Adey, 2006) These behavioral changes were characterized as shortening synaptic reaction time and altering circadian rhythms.  Konig, Ankermuller and Wever study concluded that at frequencies of 300 Ω.cm is where a threshold may exist, by which behavior is affected by electromagnetic radiation. (Adey, 2006)


Another recent aspect regarding solar flares and human endangerment, is proton storms. Proton storms are energetic particles such as protons and electrons.  It has been suggested, that biochemical damage can be induced by proton storms. (NASA, 2005) Proton storms are produced in solar winds, and usually are only hazardous to astronauts. However in high concentrations, these protons can reach the earth’s surface and affect us. Robert Lin a Solar Physicist, states, “… Proton storms normally develop hours or even days after a flare…Proton storms cause all kinds of problems. They interfere with radio communications. They zap satellites, causing short circuits and computer reboots. Worst of all, they can penetrate the skin of space suits and make astronauts feel sick…” (NASA, 2005)

A Congressional Report on Electromagnetic Pulses was submitted to congress in 2004 and 2008. This report open for questioning, the possible reality of the damaging impact of electromagnetic pulses. Although this report was commission in reference to terrorist attack, using High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) and High-Power Microwave (HPM) as weapons: it provides evidence of governmental concern with the effect of magnetic radiation upon humans. As I read through the report, I found it interesting that report states that gamma rays, while ionized in the atmosphere (EMP) last in short durations, …”that current cannot start flowing through a human body, to cause harm to people…”(Wilson, 2008, pg. 16) However in this same report, data concerning HPM’s is stated as being: “… energy at higher power levels (megawatts), and powered for a longer time interval, reportedly could cause physical harm to persons near the source emitter, or possibly in the path of a narrowly focused energy beam…” (Wilson,2008, pg.9). Of course this report is detailing weapons of destruction, but the ideal of physical harm from electromagnetic waves is established.

The report did not detail the thermal effect of electromagnetic pulses. Studies on this subject suggest that with increased electromagnetic fields, the body’s tissues increase in temperature.  For example, cellular phones emit similar electromagnetic pulses, which can increase the brains temperature by less than 0.1 Celsius, causing some possible damage or changes to the synaptic process. (Ruhr-Universitaet-Bochum, 2011) In all of these instances, the important factor to consider in reference to solar flare affects on human behavior, were that the damaging resulted evidence, all procurred because of long durations of exposure to electromagentic radition. At this time, it has not been established the amount of solar radition neccessay, to result in change. However this is not the question of concern. The question of concern is the possibility of continued solar flare storm through 2012 and 2014, being a trigger to coherent conscious evolution?

The most recent solar flare occurred on March 6, 2012, it was an X Class titled X5 -.6.  The solar particles from X5-.6 reached the earths’ magnetosphere on March 11, 2012. Although no definite forecast can be made, detailing the next solar flare eruptions. NASA  has confirmed that they will continues to keep a watchful eye on the suns activity until 2014, when the sun would have completed its’ 11 year cycle. (Fox, 2012) You can get a daily forecast of solar activity at



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  1. paulgoree Post author

    John Polkinghorne considers that “the question of the existence of God is the single most important question we face about the nature of reality”[20] and quotes with approval Anthony Kenny: “After all, if there is no God, then God is incalculably the greatest single creation of the human imagination.” He addresses the questions of “Does the concept of God make sense? If so, do we have reason for believing in such a thing?” He is “cautious about our powers to assess coherence,” pointing out that in 1900 a “competent … undergraduate could have demonstrated the ‘incoherence’” of quantum ideas. He suggests that “the nearest analogy in the physical world [to God] would be … the Quantum Vacuum.”


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