De Mon Faire 17 – The Return of No Mass Energy

Here’s a simple over view of what happen January – Feb 11, 2013.

Then Sept 2012 came and everything changed. First I let SP stay with me until the new roommate move in. Those events are docked Halloween 2012. Basically some no mass energy/ghost wanna be came and tried to frighten me and get me to kick SP out and also inform me of AA my soon to be roommate.

There efforts were not to impressive seeming I had already gone through the pretend voices in the head from Las Vegas-with all their questions and reform effort, it turns out that it was nothing more than hidden speakers and microphones during that visit they said they would come back in January. So AA moved in as the no mass explained and trouble began.

And so they did. By that time AA had his friend FM living here and SP was in and out. We party a lot and school seemed rough. One day around January 12 SP was telling me about a movie ideal of his and I was hypnotized. As soon as I feel into the relaxed trance I recalled Las Vegas (4 attempts of hypnotist) and started taking mental notes.

He got me to roll off the bed and then he and others proceeded to do something to me, as if fisting me or something of that nature. Maybe they made a compromising movie while I qas unconscious, who knows. I wrote up on the floor. I remember being told to do things and I did, one was to walk our the house barefoot across the street and get into a strangers car. When I opened the strangers door he confronted me next the voices told me to lay down in the streets in hopes of getting someone to call EMT. But what happen is a neighbor saw me and snapped me out of the trance by which I came home. At home everything was crazy, AA and FS were hypnotized and SP was home at least I thought so. I had a vision that SP was two door down having hardcore sex with two other guys and a young girl. They had these mask on and black wings. The next day I asked FS about the black wings and he was acting crazy saying something about some porno producer in Las Vegas,

Also weird was I had a vision of Lou, quantum physic Lou he was waving to me while sitting at a control panel. That event ended just like Vegas nobody who knows anything saying anything and all those who can remember, blank. But some came to me seeming I tended to remember more of what happen than others.

Two odd things did follow from that. SP told me about his writing interest and we some what decided to work on a treatment together. Well it didn’t take long because when I tried to explain to him about what happen to me in Vegas regarding the hypnotist. He denied it and said it sounds like Baja Mafia stuff. That was the wrong thing to tell me seeming I was indirectly link to something like that in Vegas and that’s why the hypnotist occurred in the first place. They communicate in what I term bi-aural- some might say its telepathy (but its not I’m researching telepathy and it is based on frequency proximity and Daniel Fels electro magnet communication) their telepathy is hidden speakers and mic.

The second thing that happen seemed to involve a collectible effort of AA, FS and SP and some of the neighbors. It seems they plan on ruining my life and getting me kicked out of College. They said I think I know to much. What they don’t know is BWA called me into their office before I even moved here back in August 2012. They wanted to talk to me about my resume and my job at EDS. They basically was thinking I could use that type of experience here in my living home. Simple so I did. The first roommate was easy he only needed motivation.

But then AA came following the Halloween no mass event. And with that an ideal that they wanted to put AA in my body and he and SP can be the author of my book. WAIT FLASH BACK VEGAS (recall Big T wanted to do the same with Adrin, back then I was scared , but this time its funny) AA had a lot of issues and has been on a plight to ruin my life. He seems to be in cohort with SP nd FS due to the fact they all outlast at me for no particular reason. They want me to leave here, but I have obligations from my future career and academic to stand ground until further notice- just like at EDS, which resulted in the bad guys being exposed. So I won’t leave here. And like all the times in the past when some group of over zealous tweekers thought they could ruin my life, I keep saying and singing–“who’s zooming who” aretha franklin.

Now things have trickled to College. My laptop got stolen that night we were hypnotized. And since that day it seems that I am in some competition of wit and writing abilities with SP. It went so far that last weekend as he face booked everything, I was documenting with Twitter that was on Super Bowl week end. The dope and high tension had me thinking the Football Jini had resurfaced. Read the twitter post and see the inter play, it seems good things came from all of that, I met some new internet associates who are involved with some powerful positive things I am.

Next due to the dope and the spray cans of foul odors, I go around here thinking I smell like shit, cat stay and gasoline. I know its the poor quality dope I get from the people I get it from- but nevertheless the no mass would have me believe AA and SP work with BWA. I know better seeming both Mr. J and Mrs. M called me personally to see how things are. One thing that did make me mad, is the no mass was mad at me because I laughed at FS for crying so much. So no mass hypnotized me and had me call my mother and dad. We had a good quality crying phone conversation, but what my mother or dad didn’t realize is that no mass was bullying me everyday as to why I don’t call home.

One day I had to leave the apartment and told SP that he had to leave. He got mad and told me that his sister died and that I was being an assholes. Since that day no-mass along with SP have tried to make me feel guilty about my family. But it didn’t work. My mom told me that she sometimes feels that the level of affection she gave us was not enough. I told her no it was perfect, because she gave us something more, most parents don’t give their children, autonomy. The game SP FS and AA are playing is similar to Vegas it called scare a fucker away. So they talk behind my back, probably having sex (SP tripped out when I brought the subject up, but the other refused to comment).

Just like SP is probably sleeping with R (this guy I met) he doesn’t want me to know, but what he fails to realize is this is all like Las Vegas and I don’t give a damn who he sleeps with, He’s never sleeping with me no matter how much I string him alone-and this is the situation, it may be that no one is actually sleeping with the other, fact is that some of them are using their associations to forster thoughts in others to conjure bad intent and that’s wrong.

So the 3 seem to always be up to something waiting for the ghost police to come and get me. Its so funny-just like Vegas, they would have me waiting and as I waited they would get disappointed and upset when the Sheriff didn’t arrive and I was given another chance.

They were so stupid in realizing that while some of them are co-ops and dope a rope candidates. I have a very special immunity given to me at UNLV with credits/documentation at UNM. So basically as my one day friend saud- -I am always doing research no matter what I do.

Well it seems that these 3 are just as shocked when no Sheriff or police come and get me. What matter worst is someone has informed the Collge and now going to school is torture. Sometime I smell like cat spray and both class act alienated from mr. When school first started SP or the no mass acting as SP made it clear that he didn’t want me to go to school. And so I missed the first week.

I struggled to make the second week and then things at school changed. Its as if someone is ploying with all of us and everything has changed, we no longer do assignments over the computer we have to turn in hard copies. We no longer use electronic equipment is class all notes are pen and paper. Some times we have to have class at the park and I start to feel insecure thinking its the cat spray or dope, but I still stand proud and continue.

I think the story is someone has hacked my computer, phone etc. So when ever I turn something in, they replace it with something that plague. The no mass told me that’s how they would get me. But then a few of my instructors have faith in me so we wait and see. So far it worked I turned in APA #2 for and it was never received

No mass said that they wanted to ruin me because I prob to much and bring up stuff I shouldn’t, like solar flares. Junk DNA and ascension. All my websites are blocked and each time I change my password someone changes them around its like someone is shadowing me. And it makes me frustrated because they think that Big T hypnotized me and that the work I turn in and the writings I do are his and he has cruel intention and career plans for me. I say bull shit, what Big T along with Chino and Dr. Wazekia (vegas) told me is that people are going to criticize me, try to deem me a cheat and in their process will expose themselves as a hypocrites which is what they want to see happen and I will gain more accredation than ever before. This is why I don’t like this but am tolerant. When this ends I know I’ll come out on top and a lot of people are going to want to say sorry, but won’t be able to. Sorry is the wrong thing to say, as you act in the current moment, expecting a result. The fact that you expected a result, is proof in itself that you are not sorry.Ý

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