Consumer Privacy Waiver


On January 21, 2013 my Acer/Aspire laptop was stolen. After a week had passed I filed a police complaint, but yet I sit here with no laptop (which was primarily for school work). So I got to thinking, what could I do to expedite the location of my laptop.

I first thought call the service provider, I’m sure they can track the serial number of the laptop with the ISP and IP address they issued. But not possible, my service provider only issue static IP address, thus it changes ofen. Besides they would run into privacy issues if they were to keep log of serial numbers.

I don’t understand this, seeming I am paying them to connect me to the internet, and since security is a fearful reality of the web: should my contract/service with them be all that’s needed. Luckily for the thief, its not. Now they can take my laptop and use it on any service (even the same service I’m paying for) and the fact that this product has a prior registration is irrelevant.

It’s ironically funny, that a tracking service is available for purchase by many software developers. But its to late now for that. I’m not tossing responsibility, but I found out I am not alone and that many bloggers have the same complaint: there laptop was stolen and it seems impossible to track it, without buying a tracker service, which was not offered with the laptop in the first place.

But it sure seem rather odd that cell phone manufactures and those service providers seem to have a well constructed theft/lost plan. Uhm, I do believe the required item to report or to un-report a cell phone is the IMEI number, which could be very similar to a serial number. But then what do I or any other consumer know about business strategies.

Well since my provider stated that it was an issue of privacy, I am left to do with wordpress and all shared links are best for. Tell my story, and waiver my privacy rights to the serial number of my stolen laptop, in hopes that the thief is using it: by which some other service provider is accompanying and facilitating the use of stolen property-which has been reported stolen.

My laptop was a ACER-ASPIRE model: P5WE0
S/N: NXRL8AA003212110123400

Should by chance someone notices this serial number please contact me at: Now some might think this is a pointless and risky statement, but I don’t. My laptop has been out of my hands, out of my control, vulnerable to the madness of anyone who has it. So what else do I have to lose, expect I want to do like the other bloggers and let my story be read, in hopes that it will encourage computer manufactures to increase their strategy for consumer lost/stolen items-like cell phone manufactures. And to detail how lack of appropriate privacy limits some and yet facilitates others. My laptop is now stolen property, is the data in it consider invasion of privacy.

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