De Mon Faire 16 – 12/24/2012 Telepathy Daniel Fels


So as normed for DMF, I need not attend to day to day interactions of association, seeming they are only the props and scripts of a collective drama. I find it interesting that some waiver their collective right or give it to another, but then that is their “ils des faires*”. For me this is all about My “des faire”. And so what has 12/21/2012 meant for me.

Well here it is, from a explanation of quantum physics: “Everything which exists is inextricably linked and in relationship with each other. Some relationships are immediate and strong, others are remote and very weak…” (Quantum Philosophy: Many-Worlds and Mind Over Matter Part 3 By: Tara Sullivan)

This is exactly where I want to be mentally and spiritually: knowing this is the truth of the universe as I venture onward. Thus my objective is to not attend to negative energy at all (even through they share the constructed reality with me). Any negative factors presented to me, are meant to be factors of analyzed for DMF , of which I can only pray for the individual involve and move ONWARD.

I think the more I attend to, and internalize those positive, immediate and strong social interactions, the more I will recognize and distance myself from the weak deceptive ones. Me being able to do so will radiate frequencies of this nature to the masses.

I’m basing this ideal on the following…Electromagnetic Chatter by Charles Q.Choi, Scientific American June 2009 Vol.300 No.6…in this article Choi presents data from Daniel Fels, whose work suggest the passage of messages (frequencies) between microorganisms which are separated from one another. Fels findings suggest communication via radiation.

This is where DMF is headed with regards to the social constructed reality. Communication via radiation or any other frequency wave is for me telepathy.

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One thought on “De Mon Faire 16 – 12/24/2012 Telepathy Daniel Fels

  1. paul goree

    …being positive about some a very interesting study by Daniel Fels… only to find out three days ago about “Electromagnetic AssaultL by Michael F.Bell uhm ying-yang I guess!


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