Electromagnetic Testing: Enters NDA


How does one ever find the right words to describe a person. Especially when the person, is such a character: they exhaust all possible descriptions written by the greatest of writer from all era’s. Some might try to engage the readers total presences. Maybe that’s where to begin? Maybe capturing the readers conscious, could describe, an un- describable person.

I think it’s not their consciousness which is so appealing, it’s their sub-conscious. Yes maybe that’s how to describe such a person. And this is where I shall begin to describe NDA.
I will forewarned you, that by using the sub-conscious persona: there will be empathy for him. Seeming the sub-conscious mind would be the triggering of feelings and emotions. Of which NDA is gulped within.

Yet he seemed to always be calculating. Tic-toc, sometime I could hear his mind winding, like the jewels of a Swiss watch. Yet there was something very perplexing about him. So emotional yet so silently scripted.
In any mystery, he’d be the first suspect, only to sway suspicion off himself onto to another; then just like an infamous beloved devil-shock the entirety as to his shadowistic ways.

Yes he’d be the one grinning, happy but lonely. What was it that intrigued him? He said it was the absences of love. Yet many loveless characters have been much less crippling to others than him. What is meant by these words, was – one could never know what to expect from NDA.

And so a questioning mind like mines, observed. Noticing all the right words and expressions. Noticing all the wrong thoughts and emotions. Mostly observing his brilliant wit-come alive, like a 30’s glamour golden movie star, upon the word “ACTION”! Once I saw him propel himself into a mental mess. It was the kind of ordeal Dr. Ellis describes with R.E.B.T. At first I didn’t know how to respond. His actions seemed partial real, yet the emotion was somewhat false. Almost as if he was acting.

Yet I couldn’t say much- in these situations one must follow the social constructed script of reality. And seeming, he had stolen the lead role, the rest of us was subjected to his whims. For example, we had an incident. He demanded me to cook for him. I refused and sat back to see how he would respond. He cunningly informed those who would matter, in order to present his story first. What story- I’m not your in-care keeper or much less a friend. It’s wrong to demand of another, when you have no ties to the person. Unless he had been informed that he does have reign of which a lot would make sense.
That reign would place him in a work for hire position, of which the entire 6 months we have lived together, would make sense. So many times he threaten to kick me out. So many times he said he would ruin my life. So many times he set up traps, for a mouse, then lure the mouse to the trap with unquestionable ways. Sometimes I would laugh to myself- “this can’t be real!” But yet with his friends, and mostly strangers he surrounded himself with, slowly proved me wrong, and my reality turned grimed.

Then the question of Electromagnetic Assault comes into the picture. For one moment I thought-could it be true? If so wouldn’t it be so unethical? Yet NDA, being present in the first place was a unknown factor to me. I asked him once and he told me the “common” tale. However, considering electromagnetic energy and its relationship with V2K communication. I would say I was warned of him, before he even arrived.

It was the oddest ordeal. As if a group of “divine” council stood before me, and wacked my mind with what I will do. And where I had failed in my life, and how they could assist me. It was so real, that I actually took it seriously. Then they started to inform me of research I was doing that they didn’t think was appropriate. Research such as ascension of junk DNA (which I barely understand and don’t think I will). To me ascension meant raising ones consciousness to that by which one is Jesus like! Not Jesus, Jesus like. Ben Franklin suggest that this something most of us do, in our effort to be righteous.

Yet they did not like it and insisted that I would abandon the entire thought process I was on and attend to NDA. I questioned, why would he need attending to. Well I soon found out. This entire ordeal brings about some articles I recently read, regarding Electromagnetic assault. But in this case I temporary want to replace the word assault with intervention.

On the global research website (www.globalresearch.ca/psychotronic-and-electromagnetic-weapons-remote-control-of-the-human-nervous-system/5319111) Dr. Robert Becker confirms: “… transmitting human speech into the human brain by means of electromagnetic waves is apparently, for the researchers, one of the most difficult tasks.

It must be much easier to control human emotions which motivate human thinking, decision making and actions. People who claim to be victims of experiments with those devices complain, aside of hearing voices, of false feelings (including orgasms) as well of aches of internal organs…”

Also from the global research website Saul B. Sells, is described as having invented a machine in 1959. That machine could transcript actual human thought to be observed regardless of the persons will not to reveal. This machine could read a persons mind. Sells presented the project to authorities for development and it was accepted. The site explains that Sells machine, was later termed… “Techniques for Activating the Human Organism by Remote Electronic Means”. The entire assignment was thereafter known as MKULTRA
subproject 119, MKULTRA…”

At this point nothing surprises me. NDA felt like his on/off friend, that I was thinking-learning more than I should. And that my time should pre occupied with total thoughts of him and our “arranged” friendship”! Arranged by who? I often wonder, but just remained silent. Then one day NDA, shout out at me in anger, “what good are you, to this?!” What an odd thing to say. Up till his arrival I was doing excellent in school and regaining my life.

I wondered what he meant by that statement. As if I, due to my non-cooperation was delaying some type of huge investigations or preventing some quasi physics from performing some miracle findings. But maybe it was his nerves- he was extreme at times. But lately I have fallen upon to much and now his energy is opposite than his usually act. One could say he is with them-if there is a them. But seeming this is all so unreal at times, who is to know. Maybe I am blowing things out of proportion. But then that doesn’t explain my laptop. His constant attempts to get me mingled with his stranger friends. His disappearances, his threats of my non-actions, and mostly his shadow (Carl Jung) side. Maybe all of these events are part of his natural state of being. Maybe something bigger is at states! Zoom-zoom say nah! That which may be bigger, is also the same as that which propels NDA-oddly. Something far beyond me.

One thing that is known, he seems to be out of place, and due to his actions, a lot has altered my path. So what could this mean and at this very moment where could he be? I would think preparing for the big event to occur tomorrow-which would cover tracks! But zoom-zoom, has made it un-knowingly aware to me: watch and see how a web never unwebs itself! Communication was intentionally cut off by his whims of using my phone excessively-for rhetoric of the non-sense type. Chatter chatter!

Yet to me each call seemed an emergency, always to call someone to take him to quick care or calling the pharmacy or even a friend for an emergency, where by he left his medication in their car. Those calls used up minutes, thus preventing me from making calls and receiving calls. I wonder what that might do to “shake things up!” (Music- think of The Cars-“Shake It Up”.

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