Electromagnetic Testing: where’s zoom-zoom part 2 Feb/20/2013

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Zoom-zoom was baffling. Nothing was ever explained, but then who was to ensure zoom-zoom really existed. Yet some how I knew in the back of my mind that it was there, when I least expected it. Maybe it was because of all the disappointed faces that would surround me in, what would have been my final hour! My final hour, and yet like a sudden breeze, I would get comforted as those around me sullen. Nevertheless, sometimes I questioned zoom-zoom. The name had come from an Aretha Franklin song “Whose Zooming Who”. I was in Las Vegas and was suppose to attend a special live performance of hers, but I missed out again. I hate missing out on all the good stuff, which for me is music!

Nevertheless zoom-zoom was baffling. All the research I did had provided me with more data than anything else. Still I was alone. I had originally got interested in electromagnetic communication from an article I read in Scientific America, about Daniel Fels. But now all of that seem minute, to what was going on and had been these past two weeks. It’s like extreme stream lining. Ohhhh too much too much!

Like today I read from the http://www.unwittingvictim.com/. This site explained, the latest technology that is too scary to be real: stuff like Veri-chips, and nano implants, and then it went on to detail electromagnetic assault and how it gets into a persons sub-conscious mind to insert V2K (voice to skull) communication. It explained how the electromagnetic wave primarily harms body organs.

I started to think about the pain I had been having in my kidneys lately. On the report done earlier in the day, that was one of the questions-where do you feel discomfort/pain when the electromagnetic wave is active? For me it’s always in my kidneys. Sometimes the pain was very present, as if they had turned the knob up. And the smell as if you were cooking from the inside out.

Then I recalled the V2K no-mass, telling me-almost warning me of how urgent it is that I get to a doctor. As if they knew anything, if their plans were to really assist me, then why let me sit here and be tortured. Nonetheless, they were assured by my memory, that I had made a doctors appointment and within days would see him.

But that didn’t stop me from wondering who they were and if they too by using V2K were the enemy or friend. I couldn’t tell. But at least their internal dialogue was always intelligent and got me questioning the essences of being. But maybe it was to relax my over-driven mind.

As I looked around my room, I was trying to figure out where the wave was coming from. I recalled Michael Maloof’s report, which stated something about 200 feet away. I had read it on http://beforeitsnews.com/terrorism/2012/12/how-to-for-emp-weapon-stunningly-accessible-2444842.html

As I sat and waited to see what the night would bring. One of NDA’s loose friends came over. He always invited strangers over. That’s how my laptop got stolen on Jan 21, 2013. A mix of electromagnetic craziness and NDA inviting strangers over. I don’t know what’s with him, much less why he’s here in this suppose to be transitional program. I have actually de-progressed because of him. And sometime wonder if he is the key to all of this craziness that began the day he moved in.

The day he moved in, it was no time before he had planned an old not so clever trick to get me caught up in his never ending web of lies. But it didn’t work. After that day after day, week after week strangers of all sorts. Last week dare not mention who he brought home that accused him of stealing and wanted to harm him, but backed away.

Why did he do these things and why was he placed with me. It was almost as if this entire transitional living arrangement was intentionally set up this way. Still nothing was done about him. Many time he threaten me, even throw items at me in front of the neighbors, before I called medics on him, due to his threatening behavior.

Nonetheless I remained like I always do, a variable that is confirmed, waiting while all around me enact the story they desire. So many times I have witnessed this. And they act as if they are the only and first people, I have met in the entire world. But then that is the ego of some. Nonetheless, NDA is a bother to me. But he exist, and so I let him.

The no-mass V2K mentioned something about him and the falcon working together to get ownership of De Mon Faire. Personally I don’t think DMF is worth all the bother. But then I do remember the falcon mentioning he was a script writer. Whether this was true or not I can’t say. But that’s part of the confusion of the electromagnetic energy.

But then the truth is- they may want the worst of me, and this is what I must believe: even though I stay here still. Seeming it is them that meet me, not me meeting them, I find some comfort: and seeming death is not a concern of mines, it seems natural to let this play itself out. Nonetheless, NDA talks a little of Santeria (Regla de Ocha). On Jan 21, 2013 it felt like that, but I informed them that I had been through something similar to that before. This is why I was able to remember so much about what happen that night, as we ran around like puppets.

But now that I think about it, maybe it was electromagnetic assault, being used by someone to blame another. UHMMM, this is more likely true. Which is why I disregarded all talk of Santeria and any associations some may have tried to make me believe, seeming-had such quasi magic (if that) had of been the factor, I would have been dead a long time ago. No my death was to be a slow and painful one. But I am immune to the pain, these days. It reminds me of Grace Jones- “Walking Barefoot in Beverly Hills”.

Nevertheless, NDA had an on/off again friend, who he use to whisper to, in hope of fooling me. Not once thinking maybe I knew of V2K. Many times NDA would lock his bedroom door, but leave his window open, so that his on/off friend could climb through. Like when I first met his on/off friend, he had been here for a few days and I didn’t know because his door was always shut and locked. But then that was their plan. His on/off friend, left accusing me of thinking I’m so smart. I don’t think so at all. I just can’t let things be as they are without questioning and then researching them to find out.

Nevertheless on the website: http://www.unwittingvictim.com, the following is stated: “Their organization is described by using the analogy of an onion. The layers hide, or shield, the core. At its epicenter is the use of human beings for human experimentation.

As you move in from the “peripheral layers” of the onion, which will be addressed later, towards the epicenter, the primary function of the layers is geared towards targeting unwitting victims. It is designed, as it becomes more and more engrossed in targeting the unwitting victim, to make and keep the victim vulnerable for the use of the human organism, unwitting victim.

What makes most of us in society susceptible, especially their victims, is the lack of awareness that they are, and have the ability to, act as surreptitiously as they do while engaging in such egregious and unconscionable behavior. They are on top of the victim, regardless of whether the victim is aware or not…”

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