Electromagnetic Testing: where’s zoom-zoom part 3


On this night ( 2/20/2013) all the symptoms where present. Everyone left the apartment (around 12:30am). It felt as if the knob was turned up, my stomach, and head started throbbing. I went outside and sat in the cold. Where was the wave coming from? Then I thought about the falcon’s laptop, maybe that’s where, it was-and it was within reach of me.

On the Justice For All Citizens website, the following is stated: “…The connection between light and electromagnetism was revealed in the 19th century by physicist James Clerk Maxwell’s work on electric and magnetic fields. Using equations he developed, he found that the speed at which the fields move through space was exactly the speed of light and concluded that light was a disturbance of these fields, traveling in the form of waves.

His equations also showed that other forms of EMR with longer and shorter wavelengths were possible; these were later identified. Maxwell’s findings gave rise to the study of electrodynamics, according to which EMR consists of oscillating electric and magnetic fields at right angles to one another and to the direction of motion. This explained the wave-like nature of light, as observed in many experiments…”

Uhm seems like this is going on! “…that light was a disturbance of these fields, traveling in the form of waves…”

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