Progression Of A Dialogued V2K

maxresdefaultI posted this on Twitter March 3, 2013. So the following is an internal dialogue that I believe is generated through the use of LARD, RNM, ELF and V2K. Seeming the entire ordeal is questionable: if facts do suggest that this is indeed a fabricated none-sense of others. Then it will go to provide evidence for the regulation of the USA free internet. At this point this something I am totally against.

I believe any type of government regulations would result in a censorship of information, control of a quasi free market, and vital social communication. First I will admit I am unafraid of re-tracking my primary thoughts: especially when they are supported with verifiable evidence. Thus separating my emotional ideas from rational ones-with evidence.

This is common practice for me, seeming my interest and experience have been within social science research, whereby, hypothesis are proven wrong, only to be prove right at another time.

Also problems may exist with an the infrastructure of the nation. Making us more vulnerable to terrorist and homeland terrorist. For example while researching thought implanted vicariously. I came across a civil suit, which sheds light on possible infrastructure complications. From court case Akwei v. NSA (92-0449). John St. Clair exposed NSA’s ‘Signal Intelligence Mission. S.I.M. technology can decode EMF waves that are then used within the environment as wireless body tracking (Peepers, *aaa).
So I hypothesize that there is a sub-culture population. They have a progress of operation and within that process, mind control and social conditioning are the primary means by which the entire operation functions. I hypothesize that this cognitive control is for therapy or clinical purposes. At this point this is an amateur effort to find meaning in what is termed “Electromagnetic Assault” and the actualization of such methods.


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