If I were in prior criminology class. I would write a paper titled, ‘The Effect Of Cooperatives and Integrity of Enforcement’ to detail the actual decline and trust indirectly ascribed to enforcement when such events occur. This paper would stress that enforcement and district attorney NOT be able to bring in evidence any data obtained from sources not publically known as be the case with a co-operative assistant. All co-operatives assistants would have to be contracted (as co-operatives do) as quasi enforcement and required to id themselves as such. WHY would I write such a paper. I theorize that enforcement uses blindly, person obtained through the efforts of a co-operatives and their assistants. By which data is collected. The data is collected in quasi friendship developed purely for the purpose of gathering evidence. The evidence is used to obtain warrants after the fact of the evidence being collected. The co-operative): if paid with earnings from enforcement, public documentation of these fund transactions should be made public, seeming public funds are used!

The co-operative assists, falsely develop a friendship with an unknowing, uninvolved, unwilling person keeping their true intent and their enforcement associations hidden. Under some circumstance, such acts of blindly being lead to criminal actions, could be consider entrapment. But due to the nature of the co-operative assists, a blurry line is created as to who is entrapping who and what behaviors are natural or addictive (there seemed to be a focus on drug addicted persons-intimidated by their own mistakes. To far encompassed in something they can’t explain).

OBSERVATION-My Testimonial [ I was victim of the efforts of co-operatives and co-operatives assistants. While living in Las Vegas, NV 2001-2002. I had acquired friendship with some rather good people. From those good people, their extended friendship were with other various people. We were partying, and one of my good “friends” acquired a front from this extended group of friends for some e-pills. Unable to pay the front, he was give the quantity in more e-pills to sale. Thus he has no other options but to sell these pills to make up for his debit. I being of the nature I am, agree to assist this “good friend” and basically assure him, that I can get rid of those pills simply by attending a club event.
I proceed to attend the club event and get stopped by an officer. I verbalize to the officer, apologies for jay-walking. The officer informs me that he is not stopping me for jay-walking. He is stopping me because I fit a profile. I then request to see the profile, he shows me the profile and proceeds with procedure. I inform the officer that I couldn’t be the subject in the profile, seeming the location of that subject is on the other side of town (near North Las Vegas, whereas I am near the UNLV campus Tropicana). The officer continues his search of my wallet. The officer decides to release me. As he hands me my wallet, a small amount of marijuana falls out. The officer re-takes the wallets and comments on the marijuana.
The officer while commenting, continues his “NEW SEARCH” of my wallet and finds 3 packages of e-pills, 2 to each package. The officer then informs me that I need to sit down on the ground, hands cross and legs cross. The officer hand cuffs me and proceeds to inform me the e-pill carry attempted murder charges for each pill in the state of Nevada. The officers does another process, by which he is soon assisted by his captain and perhaps 4 other units.

I am taken downtown. Now seeming it all becomes so surreal, I am first think, “There goes law school!!!” Secondly I thinking, “Stay calm and make the most of this, without jumping to obvious conclusion. This is not the end of all ends.” When I arrive downtown, I am processed and placed in a cell. Something to the effect of the way I’m dressed or nature, makes some of the other detained person comment about me having a good lawyer or money to obtain one. I immediately think back to Professor Young’s classes in criminology (UNM 1994) and the social inequality that statement from that detainee meant to me.

No more than 1 half an hour passed, and the correctional officer came to the cell and called out my name. I in confusion looked towards the officer. I stood there as he called my name and told me I was “WALKING”. I stood there confused. Not once in any of my criminology course did the term “WALKING” come up for discussion. Thus I was blank to what the officer meant. The same detainees who made their comments about me earlier, shouted out “Walking, your free!”

Nothing in this life is for free. And to make matters worst. 1 year goes by, full of strange events and incidences. Nothing new to me, until someone, a hustler (old G type) approaches me one day out of the blue. He states, “I’m going to peep some game to you…some people just don’t know when they got it good, from the bad, to the good. Because they can’t win by losing or lose by winning, and it goes on and on and on in circles. What a shame. Thus word could be, what someone wanted one time, got messed up in a game, oh well good for that someone…they say evidence planted on someone, came from the evidence room…what–no wonder it wades back and forward, forward and back…What would you do?” I took it upon myself not to fully let that someone be me, so that I could fully understand what had occurred and who was who in some mix-up street game it seemed. Apparently that “good friend” of mines was fine in character, however whatever interactions he had and those who he associated with, is co-operative, or worst co-operative assist.

Co-operative assists are worst seeming they are not and do not come under the eyes of the law or legal system. Under normal circumstances, if person is arrested and charged with possession and intent to distribute, after the sentencing, that person can request an appeal and at the same time request the judge to release the names of the co-operatives and the judge will do so. Co-operative assists do not fall under this. So their effort and actions lead to serious civil liberties being violated. A co-operative assists is the person who approached my “good friend” and that co-operative assists had legal issues of his own.


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