No Mass (Theme Song for No Mass Cosmic Game)

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No Mass Cosmic Game (song)
By:Paul Goree (10/2013-3/2013)

Coming through clear in between the waves,
Bi-aural beats aiming straight to my head
Tell me what you want from me?
Do it in the darkness in my mind,
You play perception against the odds.
The longer it takes, the less your illness is retained.
Your so hyper sick, insane…
I never ever cry, so you pulled that card,
To laugh at me, cry,cry,cry!
But I’m not crying…..ahhhhhh

The last thing you’ll remember me saying
No mass – I ain’t never being with you.
The last time you’ll be seeing me, proud in my grave
No mass – I’m better off without you.
You tried to use me, mind games influence, set up the motion, even with the guilty means.
No Mass you’re a cruel vicious being
Such cruel meaning deceiving
No Mass you’re the end of the beginning deep in space

Verse 2
You don’t know me, my life unbalanced,
It evens out as a living accident,
I say De Mon Faire, but you don’t understand!
That’s just how I want to be,
So you won’t fuck with me
Undamming, yet the same: don’t dare me, or put me in chains,
Cause your up in my face, up in my head No Mass
Do you ever think you making the man?
Become the beast that will undo you
That’ll one day subdue you…..

Oh the invent of tor-technology, emf waves harming frequencies! Don’t you look at me and turn away, turn the knob up, yeah give me all it’s worth.
I can’t pretend like I don’t hear you
Can’t be so avoidant!
Push it harder I’m paranoid, walk away as you get me twisted.
But you’ll never own me, never control me, noooooooooo

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