No Mass Cosmic Game (by: Paul Goree) 2013


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No Mass Cosmic Game
(By: Paul Dewitt Goree)

In the 3rd dimension, we have physically and mental existences. This is pointed out in Genesis 2:7 (the spirit, soul and physical). The spirit is the energy/animated essences of life, which was created by God and is returned to God. The soul is the free energy essences, which develops over a life time. The soul is the valuable unit sought after in the underworld or 4th dimension. This is where the spirit returns to the divine: as the soul is left to fend for its self. While in the 4th dimension, the soul is used by demonic entities through contract soul slavery. This demoic entity is named, No Mass (seeming it has no physical mass). No mass appear as invisible entities. There seems to be an electric silver strand that outlines the parameter of a figure, similar to a human. The silver strand is pure electricity. The No Mass float in a rapid order and there entire structure transmit waves of total thought. They can stand beside you and receive your entire life history in an instance. Knowing your weakest points and your total universal effort.

There is an area within the 4th dimension, in the underworld, that resembles Hollywood. This area is called Teusia. Teusia is the largest purchaser of contracted souls. And uses the souls for workers in an industry portrait of life as perceived in the 3rd dimension. Teusia is the soul receipting area of the underworld. It is where all souls arrive from the 3rd dimension. The population of Teusia exist of newly arrived souls, children of the stream (Ilts), Angels Zareasar , Saints of divine discourse and No Mass entities. The new souls that arrived every hour of every day, represented about 60% of Teusia’s population. These souls were in transitioned into the 5th dimension. 30% of Teusia remained in the underworld: while 10% die somewhere in the process, and their souls descended to hell.

No Mass’s goal is to drive a person insane, in an effort to obtain ownership of their soul. Once ownership is obtain, No Mass take the packaged souls, onto the 4th dimension world, where they are sold at auctions. The usual purchaser of these packaged souls, are the underworlds malicious leaders. It’s an odd arrangement in Teusia, although all is under the umbrella of the divine law of nature. A settled evilness exist. This existence is partly due to the need for evil to have some victory. On earth in the 3rd dimension, good prevails. However in Teusia, bad prevails: but only under certain circumstance.

For example Falcon Benign, a vindictive monster who enjoys his job producing the enactments of 3rd dimension humans into 4th dimension movies. Falcon owns Falcon Productions. Falcon is a top member of the No Mass clan. It is his job to assist in the visual production of a human’s life. On earth the 3rd dimension is divided into 50 life spans. Upon the 50th life span, the soul of that human usually moves forward with in the cosmic order of divinity. That is it moves into the 5th dimension. But if the soul is plagued with menacing ways for a majority of its 50 year total life existence. It is adjudicated by cosmic order and avoids descending into hell, by adult rebirth into the 4th dimension. However if No Mass is successful at contracting the soul, before 50th life ends, then the soul avoids the natural acesnsion into the 4th dimension, and becomes a contracted soul. 80% of human souls ascend naturally. That is, reach their 50th life, and during the 3/4 quarter mark, No Mass enters with Falcon Productions.

It is during the ¾ quarter of the 50th life, when No Mass enters the human’s life. They enter as an internal voice of deceit and decree. They utilize V2K (Voice to Skull communication) technology. V2K is a tool which sends frequency voice sound waves to the brain. The waves are received and cogitated. The voices reflect the logistical advantage audio/vocal radio frequencies. These are the vocal tones by which each individual is most familiar with, thus most easily influencing tool. Thus at first the voices in one’s head, might be a loving family member or a dear friend. Later the true identity of the voice master is revealed as one becomes more comfortable with what’s going on. Their intent is to prepare the human for their final ¼ of life, before death. Falcon’s job is to record highlights of that final ¼ of life: then produce it into a motion picture. These life movies are the rage in Teusia and are used to introduce the coming of new souls. The shows are released daily, and thus each souls enjoy one hour of fame in Teusia before they actually arrive.

Regardless if a soul enters Teusia as a contracted slave or naturally. Their purpose is the same. They must resolve all the issues which brought them to the 4th dimension in the first place. These issues are detailed in the life biography produced by Falcon Productions and No Mass, but are irrelevant to the No Mass community of Teusia. Teusians find the life portrayals humorous in nature. All aspects of life on earth are opposite in underworld. Thus murder and violence are considered artistic endeavors, highly desired and admired. Mal sexual morality is considered top comedy, and tragedy is considered top rate comedy. A person who lived a destructive, un-moral life on earth is bound to be a hero in Teusia. But it is these very characteristic by which they person must blindly resolve.


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