No Mass Cosmic Game Children of the Stream #2

No Mass Cosmic Game-Children of the Stream 2
(By: Paul Dewitt Goree)

Life in Teusia was based on the premise of preparation for 5th dimensional life. Thus if all worked out Mur and Ur would eventually transit onward into the 5th Dimension as humans, with 15 strands of Coded DNA. With this new birth, Mur and Ur would be able to maintain their current physical states, mental capabilities and any powers obtained.

On any particular night Mur would walk with Ur to the park, near the stream where the children resided. Ur wanted to know about Menudo T.V. seeming she had gotten an invitation to appear on the FALCON show.

Mur informed her, “oh it isn’t worth it. All the shows on Menudo T.V., were evil renditions of real living humans in the 3rd dimension. Some how No Mass had contracted the souls, and before the death of the human. No Mass would capture 60% of the human soul, which gave them legal and spiritual rights to televise the persons life on the underworld network. They would showcase the human as they lived their life on earth.”

Ur hated the shows, because she remembered when she was transitioned to the 4th dimension after her sister. Because Ur had been such a good character on earth, the FALCON show, showcased her as an evil manipulator of spiritual destruction.

They had put Ur in a terrible trap, where she was under the total influence of an evil falcon director named Spenth. Spenth, seduced Ur’s soul and attempted to steal it, but was unable to do so, seeming Ur’s family lineage had spiritual shamanic interest. Spenth was electrocuted for his evil attempts, and Sur soul was release and she obtained the entire 100%.

When she arrived in Teusia, Mur took her to the park, by the Children of the stream. On that very first night, Mur had planned a celebration for the arrival of her sister.

In the park several of the Ilts had gather to perform an arrival ritual for Ur. Mur and Ur arrived in the park and the ritual began. Around a circle the Ilts danced. As they danced they sang a song of praise, calling upon the universe to give power to Ur.

The power that Ur obtained enabled her, so that she would not have to be contracted or utilized by No Mass in the under world. Her time there would be free from obstructions until her transition period.

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