No Mass Cosmic Game Children of the Stream

No Mass Cosmic Game-Children of the Stream
(By: Paul Dewitt Goree)

In Teusia on the Western side of city. There is an area of the region where the space children live upon a river. In Teusia, a river is an electirc stream of current. The current is resides in the 4th dimension, and has an entry to the 5th dimension, and no entry to the 3rd dimension.

The children of the stream are called Ilts. The children represent the energies of both the under world and the living world. How these children arrived in the stream is undetermed. But what is known is that their presence is the protective ore of between the two realms.

In the under world the children of the stream have the power to enable life, death, wishes and dreams. They are the ones which give blessing to prayers and carry the desires of many to higher Angels and further on to the heavens.

One Angel and her twin, have a polar existence in Teusia. Their names are Ur and Mur. Ur is the more sensible of the two. Calm and quite, unattended and subdued. Ur is easily lured into messaging sales. Often No Mass contact Ur, requesting the purchase of messages and the ilt, that was the carrier of the message.

Ur was always eagered to be involved with the No Mass order for each sale represented a months worth of Victon, a very much desired sleeping aid, which induced 3-D interactive dream.

No Mass used Ilts as distractions and manipulation agents on assignments with 4th dimension 50th life soul test. The ilts where like cherubs in the 3rd dimension, and when in groups where able to give psychic power to the No Mass as they conditioned slave souls.

Mur was more sinister and cruel. She was a side agent of the No Mass, and was often called for service when the need for a seductive soul trainer was needed.

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