No Mass Cosmic Game, Ghost Fight

No Mass Cosmic Game-Ghost Fight
(By: Paul Dewitt Goree 2013-2014 wip)

Some of the new souls arriving to Teusia. Where placed in a program titled Stage Up. Stage up was a program to determined the worth of a soul : that soon would be sold. Lot recalled that souls that could not be transition to 5th dimensional divine status. Where actual not of the divine order,and were mere fabrications made upon earth. This factor of authenticity would not be discovered until one arrived in 4th dimension.

During Stage Up, all soul were placed in a dormitory residence. They were informed that there were ghost in the dormitory and that the ghost would determine, which soul had been the most dangerous to humanity. But in actuality, the new arrivals were being silently reviewed.

While the process pf screening went on. No Mass under handedly had set up a deal with Falcon Productions. By which some of the new arrivals could be used as talent. For some of Falcon’s horror death screens. Falcon paid more than the State Administration, who simply used or sold the souls to other states within Teusia.

Nelag was one of the new souls that arrived. His roommate was Will. Nelag was a lazy sort of drug addicted soul. No Mass could get a great price for him. But Falcon would paid more. Nelag had lived a destructive life on earth. The more destructive their former life, the more their soul was worth to Falcon.

Falcon desired true raw emotions. Which seemed to pour out of those who had been hard in the living world made from love. It was his way of damning God.

Will was a more righteous soul but he remained quite and to himself. Nelag was use to roaming through Will’s stuff when Will wasn’t in his room. One day Nelag found a letter from Wills sister, instructing him that if he needed any money to get with her.

Nelag got a clever ideal and wrote down all of Wills information. He then contacted Will’s sister requesting $1,500.00 to purchase some living supplies. As Nelag wrote the letter, he didn’t know that several of the ghost that the No Mass had contracted were surrounding him. They realized that Nelag was up to no good.

The ghost had a trick door in the closet of each room. And at nights sometimes they would crawl through the trick doors. This would frighten the new arrivals sometimes. As the ghost tried to explain where they had come from.

Another one of the tricks on the new arrival, was to inform them of a time. When one roommate had killed the other roommate and it was not noticed for months. The truth was there was no foul odor from a dead body. The ghost intent was to scar the new arrivals. Hoping they would trigger the sub-conscious mind. The toxic smell was from the water pipes buried in the ground of those new arrivals:who had been visited by mal ghost or demons, at one time or another.

Those toxic contaminated water systems surrounded areas that attracted bad energy. The demons often tried to posses the bodies of the living. But often failed, due to the divine spirit with the human, during life.

The demons odor however remained in the humans memory, and possibly in the sub-conscious mind of the soul. The ghost loved to use for comically amusement. Seeming any new arrival who was visited. Would be spooked as the sub-conscious mind brought vivid memory. Of the horrid things the demons and mal ghost had done to them as living human.

The ghost worked for No Mass and enjoyed their job. The job enabled the ghost to play all sorts of games and jokes upon the new arrivals. Sometimes the games would get out of control. Resulting in the extinction angelization of some new arrivals soul. Extinction angelization is the end of a living energy-soul death.

When the ghost folly actions resulted in a soul-death. Teusia would cover it up, by replacing the resident with other souls, and therefore removing liability. Teusia had regular inspection from Auralites. The Auralites were entities of the cosmic order of the universe. It was their duty to roam the universe, and mandate universe order as obtained by God.
There were several things that Teusians administration with held from the Auralites. Such as the soul-deaths and dimensional injuries and deaths caused by both the ghost and Falcon Production.

Teusia is similar to earth’s 3rd dimensional society, expect everything seems to be the opposite. Where as good deeds are desired and bad deeds not desired in the real world. The opposite occurs. Thus everything in Teusia was always be chaotic.

The Falcon Productions was filming at the dorms. The production crew had advance 4th dimensional souls-thus enabling them to be invisible. This is how Falcon wanted to direct these episodes. He wanted to capture, the aura of the new arrivals to Teusia. These episodes were aired on a television like device, that was flat and projected hollograms.
For the current episode. Falcon had paid the ghost to create tension between two new arrivals. He instructed the ghost to provoke the arrivals to the point of fighting. It would be with this episode- Falcon would get acknowledge by high level Teusian authority.

Presenting what they like best earth destructive behavior. Teusian authority found it beneficial to remind all souls in Teusia of their earthly rituals of destruction. Thus creating one way of keeping peace.

The ghost decided to use Nelag and Will as the doomed roommates. The Falcon Production dud not inform the director of dorms, of the subject matter. However did suggest they would be filming invisibly to capture realness. The filming began and was scheduled for three days.

The crew set up in Nelag’s and Will’s room and the shooting began. Will arrived to the room and laid upon his bed. His phone rang. It was his sister. Will’s sister had died 5 years before Will. She was a care giver for the children of the stream.

She informed Will that she is sorry that he took the letter to heart. She was making light of his earthly request of money all the time. He was aloofed to what she was talking about. He did recall the letter but he never responded. If it was a joke, he was just getting.

She informed him that she’d received a response request $1,500.00. “Well what would do with money in this dimension?” She laughed and informed her brother ” Will, sometimes new arrival have flashbacks of earth. They enact some their old behaviors and thoughts. In fact Teusians utilizes these forms for discarding earthly emotions and desires. That remain in the mind. So it’s pretty normal.”

“Sure it is but I didn’t do it. Uhm sort of reminds me of old times.” “Well ok. I just hope you are feeling comfortable and let me know if you need anything- love you ok” “Yes, I love ya too.”. As Will hung up Nelag came bursting through the door.

The two were exchanging hellos. When one of the two ghost whispered into Will’s ear. “Look at him, uhmmm he looks like a criminal. And the worst kind. One that cause family distruption. Watch what says.”

Nelag walked towatds the kitchen when the other ghost whispered into his ear. “Stupid…he got the money today. And he’s even stupider than you. He doesn’t know it’s from his own sister. He’s thinks it’s yours. And he plans to kept it. Get your money.” Nelag thought fir a moment and cleared hus throat out. ” So Will, did anything come for me today?”

Nelag politely said no
“Ahhh uhmmn that’s odd. I was expecting a package today.” The ghost shouted “don’t say package nut head. Tell where’s my money!?” Nelag stood up and faced Will eye to eye. “I’m sorry man no package came today.” At that moment. Nelag’s ghost whispered, “see that’s how they always do it. Freshly dead and robbing. He with holding guilty. Look at his face. Guilt, guilt, guilt” Nelag thought “yeah you got a point there.”

As Nelag stared at Will, Will’s ghost said said “why is he looking at you that way? I think he lying. I think he’s got your money. Tell him your going to ask one more time about your money. And don’t say package.”

Will stiffen up and deepen his voice-” Look punk, where’s my money?” Nelag’s face lite up in shock. “Who you calling a punk and what money?”

Will’s ghost nugged him and told him “put ya fist up. Yea let him see your serious.” Will raised his fist. Nelag looked at him with a thrown back face “So you wanna fight me. Man I don’t know what yeah talking about?”

At this point Falcon signaled over to the ghost. Using V2K communication he told them “more actions….make them fight…’

Nelag and Will felt an odd feeling when Falcon was talking to the ghost. They could feel the presences of something but couldn’t see it. They could hear distorted voices of the director and crew, but it was faint. Sometimes the ghost would talk to one another getting excited and laughing. As they pull the ‘trick bag act’ over the eyes of the two new arriving souls. They even give each other a high five. Expressing a job well done.

The tension calmed between the arrivsls. As the curiosity of the odd presence if something occupued their minds. The ghost did play each of the souls against one another and the fight resulted leaving both bloody and exhausted. It was funny to the Falcon Production views, Teusia.

This was the best rated Falcon Production show. It wad titled, “Humans Don’t Know.” It was a show about energies coming to earth, and humans thinking their aliens, but they are really just energies. They came to earth to film footage of humans fighting against one another. Which they would sell to for the Falcon Productions as extra real footage, which they often used as compilations . These were aired series which depicted real earth violence.

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