No Mass Cosmic Games – Futurisitic Death


No Mass Cosmic Game: Futuristic Death (by:Paul Goree 2013)

Teusia is the underground, where the 4th dimension exists. No Mass is the primary order by which the Teusians live. Their lives are basically preparation for transition into the 5th dimension, or transitions back into the 3rd dimension. About 60% of Teusia’s population is transitioned into the 5th dimension, while another 30% remain in Teusia: 09% die somewhere in the process. Finally 01% transition back into the 3rd dimension. This is rare, because once the soul transcends into the 4th dimension, it is elevated beyond 3rd dimension intelligence. Thus return usually results in short lived spurts of genius: then decay. Or simple insanity, inability to relate to the social reality or the environment.

Yet there was a brave man, named Lot Benson. He was that 01%. A mistake had been made and Lot was going to experience a life changing event. Lot was scheduled to arrive in Teusia, upon his 50th death on earth. But sometime during that 3/4 mark of his 50th life times, Lot felt a difference in the environment. Maybe it was the way the sun raised that morning. He had seen it rise many times before, but on this particular morning it roses, so perfectly from his Kansas City, Missouri loft. Even his routine breakfast was amazing that morning, everything tasted much flavorful. He took the vibrancy of the difference simply as feeling extraordinary that day. But little did he know, in a few hours all would be explained.

Lot was an assistant operations manager at a department store. On this particular day as he sat at his desk. He heard a voice in his ears. “Busy day in shoe the department, after 2:00pm, expect a mad rush. Need to make sure mid-day staff schedule is going to arrive.” Lot looked around wondering where the voice had come from.

He thought, “Where did that come from?” another voice began, it was, a females voice, “It came from in here?”, “where’s in here?” Lot asked? “In your head silly!!!” blurted out four voices laughing respectfully.
“Wait I don’t understand?” Lot thought. The lady voice with a smile said, “Lot today is not like any other day, in your life.” “What do you mean?” Lot thought. A man voice seemed to approached Lot, he could not see him, but could feel his presences. “Lot I, well we are here for you! And although we have always been here for you, it’s only now that we can introduce ourselves to you and let you know who we are, and that your death has come!”

Lot was in shock, “what do you mean, death I’m as healthy as an ox! What do you mean?” The voices laughed again, “An ox, now come on Lot, you can do better than that. Here let me explain it to you.” One of the voices uttered.“We are No Mass, and we are from the 4th dimension in the under-world. We’ve been your guardian angels all your life and yet only now can we assist you, as you make the right decisions towards your ascension.”

“Ascension! What, you mean?” Lot grasped his head trying to understand what was this all about. “Well Lot, we saw the video you made on YouTube, and we read the reports you wrote on Word Press. Lot, you’ve been writing far in advance, for this time era. Do you really think that people want to know that the sun is going to destroy the earth tomorrow?” Lot muttered as he tried to explain, “Well I didn’t mean tomorrow-morrow, I meant, well as I wrote it. Solar flares have increased and an S-flare is due soon. That’s all I meant to suggest!”

“Well Lot that’s the problem, maybe some people don’t want to know or be feared with another unexpected cosmic event.” The lady voice calmly stated. “But it’s true!” Lot declared. “Yeah Lot, but truth, is only as real-as society can handle. That’s a lot of truth you’re expecting society to accept. So let me tell you what’s going to occur. A lot of people are going to wonder for eternity what it may have been like, had someone name Lot Benson had not lived. But I got some good news for you. The reason we’re here, is for you to understand that after your death, what you began to express before it’s time, will begin to emerge again by others. They will introduce, similar thoughts you had expressed; but their’s will be in conjunction with the cosmic order. They will be heard. So don’t think that you’ve done or thought wrong: you’ve just been too ahead of your time.”

Lot, was lost in words as he looked around him, still trying to figure where the voices where coming from. The female cleared her throat and spoke. “Lot, you seem confused. Let me explain briefly the cosmic game. Through out everyone’s life, a slow progression of development is occurring within the soul. The soul is the most valuable portion of the human experience, seeming it’s the only portion – you get to retain. This is detailed in ordeal is detailed in the Bible, Genesis 2:7. In the Qur’an it is detailed in Sura 16:4. Through out your life, you are preparing for your future. For some, the decisions made propel them to Heaven, while others Hell. What many human do not understand is there is a 4th dimension underworld. You may be more familiar with the term, Hyperspace. Nevertheless, it is where time exists. Where the past ills of the soul can be transgressed, or as suggested in the Qur’an, “Good deeds annul ill deeds” (HUD 11:114). We are here from the 4th dimension. We come to guide a person to the 4th dimension, and it is there that the determination of their souls continued journey is decided.” Lot eyes closed as he internalized all that was stated.

A male voice near Lot, shouted to get Lot’s attention, “Lot!” “Listen to me, tonight while you sleep, we are going to experience rapid memory retention. You will have more dreams than you usually have, and they will be aspects of your life, stored wrong in your long term memory. You may experience hydration and head aches, but do know that this is a normal procedure. We will be visiting you every day. A night crew will be introduced to you tonight. The entire process takes 12 months and then you will die. You death will be of the physical body only, the spirit will return to the Alpha Omega, and your soul will transcend to the 4th dimension, where you will be guided by us.

Lot, you must understand some factors of our world. Teusia is the 4th dimension and it is where life motions are made and time exists. Each dying soul on Earth comes to Teusia, to gets a full life made motions, which highlights the best moments in their life. During the life motion, it is decided what maneuvers can be done to correct past soul ills. The way we do this, is through what you Earthlings call a biography documentary film. So while we are evaluating you over the next 12 months, we will be accompanied by a film crew. Please don’t be disturbed, and trust us when we say, it’s in your best interest…this is your futuristic death!”


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