Recently WordPress sent me a congradulation email, documenting my association with them since 2008. As I read the email, I thought about my original intent of blogging with WordPress and came across this un-posted work. At the time I was posting on several blogs and internet services, depending on the rhetoric. The following was posted via my Blackberry on the Sprint Network, 2010. PS: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen! (My pre-De Mon Faire, which did not evolve until later that year, 10/2010)

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• Paul Goree 6/01/10
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Uhm I just thought about something. First of all lately I’ve been going over and over in my head, hounding my conscious and sub-conscious memory for details concerning my time in Kansas City Missouri where I first met a group of Christians who made drums and sold them in the park. They invited me to come and join their organization and live in a huge high rise in KC-Mo, but I declined. Why should I consider their offer, when I was already 1 year into my own research concerning the working conditions of American Workers? I had just left Sea-Land Industries and witness how the United States (politicians and corporations) sat quietly and fleeced us out of the global shipping industry, to a global competitor (Maersk Shipping). While I was in KC-MO, I had just finished a temp assignment at Western Auto where the CEO told me and I witness him try to save his company and his employees from the take-over intent of COOKIE CUTTER CORPORATION that only care about money and don’t give a damn about Americans, especially American workers (can anyone say NAFTA). He was particularly anger at the territory unintent (no interest) of one giant franchise that has gulped up American small business (mom and pop operations). This is where my heart desire was at the time, the American working class; as I traveled state to state (at this time Alaska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, West Virginia, New York, Michigan, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon…)

So why would I even consider joining a bunch of hippie loving Christian who seemed to spend their time, spreading the word of Jesus (which was an admirable thing to do) but my interest where set on experiencing as much work history by as many companies that would be out of business in the future. At the time I termed them “antiquated industries/business” because something about their nature would be a factor I predicated would result in their closure. When I finally disclosed my research (1999), America wobbled on the brink of chaos or annexation or war. I had to save what I termed then, AMERICANISM for Americans. I saw an economical crash occurring, the intro of the Amero, credit card collapse, gift card craziness, the FDIC authorization being overridden by, Financial Networks that were not regulated because they did not claim themselves as banks.

Another reason I pleasantly smiled at the Christian drum making, drum playing hippies was I had already encounter some extreme Christians, in Waco, Texas and I felt more like them. And boy them boys were serious and questioned my faith in ratio to the Federal Government. But they let me listen to them and their ordeal and I was impressed even through their ideology and issues with the government I did not total agree with. However we shared a respect for David and the burning of ???????? in Texas (David Koresh). So the drum making, drum playing hippies where not even in the same league as me, and I had no interest in relaxing when much work and experience was needed. So I passed up the offer to jump into more work and employment to study.

Well today I was on the yahoo ask community (yeah I am back with Yahoo, but still only trusting Microsoft/MSN) and someone asked, if the end of the world was near. I responded by stating No, but some type of human sense of evolvement might be in the work. Then I question hadn’t they read or seen the Celestine prophecy and I nearly stopped in my tracks. WAIT WAIT WAIT….The damn secret society wanna be’s of Las Vegas, maybe, just maybe (I’ll never forget that beautiful girlfriend of a co-worker who was a nurse but tried to be a model and she showed me one of modeling composites…I saw a similar too similar one here in Vegas)…

So if these ass holes here in Vegas are in any way related with the hippies in KC-MO then WOW, I am the Celestine Prophecy (or a portion of the entirety) and I now Spiritually and Humanly (physical state) REFUSE TO BE OR DO ANYTHING WITH THEM OR FOR THEM. Thus my own prophecy of me is true, I will write the book that not only exposes them as fakes, but also be in association with the REAL DIVINE SPIRIT as quoted by Dr. Hank Wessleman and Shamanism, which will prevail in the coming of the lord. And to think I thought I would die before the Rapture.

Anyway, I never associated those KC-MO hippies with the Celestine Prophecy or the Rapture for that sake, or with the extreme Christians in Texas. Yet I always had a feeling that these ass holes in Las Vegas might be associated with the drum makers of KC-MO. What a fucking trip!

And the minute wicked side of my sub conscious mind has pledge to give all of their souls to the voo doo lady from Mombasa, who collect souls in a glass bottle to wear around her neck for illumination. Ha Ha Ha, you gotta laugh at that, seeming that some actually thought they could, knowing they couldn’t and not even given a damn of the consequences, I would never involve evil to my purpose. Collecting souls in a glass bottle, is taken from the movie “Serpent In The Rainbow” which detailed the unbelievable but true events of Wade Davis (an Etnobotinist) as he researched his doctoral thesis and ran into undefined spiritual events, related to Voo-Doo and witch craft. Not that I was comparing them to the experience of Wade Davis or me being of his nature. It was just I was on my own self-created mission, which involved American industry and I was physically working in those industries to experience it for myself!

None of them were in Waco Texas when I was there, None of them were in KC-MO (I can’t qualify that one, but not to my knowing) and the biggest thing is none of the nice great Christians I met in the pass, used sadistic evil tactics of the devil to prey into the sub conscious or conscious thoughts of another. As the reggae song states, …”la di da, the devil has fallen…rest now, a new day dawns, la di da the devil has fallen, bless Jah, a new day rise!” I can’t get over it, the correlation between the secret society and the Celestine prophecy. The only thing I did not like in that book was the way they used telepathy. I hated it! And look at me now, it’s a good thing I understand the dynamic of the human conscious and (and now a little) sub conscious mind. (Besides it was one of them, here in Las Vegas, that told me, “Oh just accept it, it’s an evolved skill you’re acquiring.” Right fucking demons working with fallen angels. OR have the demons influenced the fallen Angels. Nonetheless, it’s worthless because I know a secret which is also a joke on all of them. You’re loving and following a prior Angel, who simply wants to return home and which HE CAN’T, at least that what he believes and you believe as he leads you. So I seek to return Satan home to heaven, and seek to encourage the humor of that statement in other Christian’s, as to deflate the mystical essences of his power, which derive from GOD (our Alpha Omega). What does that say about them, who follow Satan?????

Oh well something new each day is learned. But wow, the Celestine prophecy. Damn it reminds me of when I was about 8 or 9 and I got baptized. Strange group of Christians, strange feeling, strange everything and I wasn’t with my mom, that’s the scariest part of all. But anyway, this oddity is becoming fun for me, now. I can laugh at their stupid asses using their own tool, telepathy. Ohh I hate it, but then there are a lot of things I hate about the living world that I tolerate. So it’s time to start using it in my own humorous interest. Have fun with it.

CHECK OUT SUNDAY MORNING on YOUTUBE by ME: PAUL GOREE … (Sunday Monday about a total blatant disregard of all the data, stimuli, words, expressions, emotions, that I receive through the week, that attempt to credit their human created beliefs: and I am tolerant and respectful only to find out, that every Sunday Morning all of their rhetoric is washed away, by my faith in God!)
Pueblo De Jah (My favorite, simply expressing love of Jesus and those that follow Jesus, in a re-created complied vision of the Gospel.)


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