Homelessness , Maslow and H.U.D

Video taken from a mirror of people trying to attempt something. But seeming this IS am homeless and at a homeless camp (few people) why would they be attempting anything? Seeming I left that phony secret substance sub-, trickery as false! But since I am homeless I need to be extra attentive to my surroundings. Maslow hierarchy of development details social development in stages. The base of the hierarchy are necessary just to live. Water, Food, Safety, Security and Shelter. Without these as a stable factor, a persons health and life becomes subjected to danger.

Shelter is currently of primary interest seeming increases in homeless rates and housing management grievance from clients. Last year my homelessness was interrupted with a housing offer. The offer was a roommate type arrangement. Which has resulted in me wrongly being evicted.

Blop posting of the events can be viewed at WWW.PAULGOREE.WORDPRESS.COM (title: Person Environment and Case Manage Neglect). Grievances sent to H.U.D and upper management reporting case management neglect.

Have resulted in suggestions for Civil action. These grievances detail the neglect two South West Behavioral Services, Margaret Finn and Johnny Garcia. They neglected the H.U.D housing coded, by placing me in a hostile environment that resulted in decline in my transition. They also violated confidential codes between client and professional. Mostly they refuse intervention between myself and roommate (who they placed). Not even 911 police suggestions for “separation intervention” seeming our living arrangements were hostile.


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