Letter To Case Management Regarding Inconsistency of Housing Placement


Dear Case Managers:
South West Behavioral Services
Care Directions

This letter is in reference to incidences that occurred at 4802 N. 19th Ave Apartment A229, Phoenix, AZ 85015. The persons involved are Roommate and Paul Goree. Both referred by Care Directions, and placed by South West Behavioral Services.

Please note the following factors that have had a dramatic change in my life and wellbeing. This is a complaint against Roommate, who through several actions, stated and indicated that he and his friends would “ruin my life, and has made living under the HOWPA/HUD agreement hostile.

Please note:
Upon first meeting with Southwest Behavioral Services, Margret Finn and Johnny Garcia, informed me that I should resist detailing the factors of my substance abuse recovery with my soon to be roommate; Roommate (Stephen Beck- move out date 10/2012) .It was implied that such discussions could lead/trigger usage in Stephen Beck and that Mr. Beck had strong feelings against meth usage. I during that time I remain clean of substances.


However, when Roommate ( Angel Thurman- move in date 11/2012) moved into the apartment, no respect for my recovery was addressed. And Mr. Thurman not only offered my controlled substances, he purchased them . Had I been informed of Mr. Thurmans actions regarding substances, I could have prepared myself, as I did with Roommate # 2.

2.) I mentioned to Johnny Garcia about Person X (who Roommate had residing in our apartment). Johnny was insistent, that I and Roommate X could not/would not be roommates. This decision seems irrational seeming, such decisions were not consider when placing Mr. Thurman with me, who has a diagnosed mental status, pending SSI/DI, and several prior behavioral issues documented with agencies such as Care Directions and Tumbleweed. Had I known that Mr. Thurman had any emotional issues, I would have requested a change in roommate earlier.

3.) The second week of Mr. Thurmans residency with me resulted in an argument which Johnny Garcia was called to resolves. Johnny called and discussed the issues, however the neglected to inform me of Angel Thurman’s mental/emotional status. I know this is confidential information, thus I think an immediate intervention and separation should have been pursued. Instead I was asked if I could handle the situation. Now, after the fact, I think that was an inappropriate request, seeming I do not have a CTR, CTSS, CTS, or CPR certificate for crisis response, therefore am not qualified nor should be considered to handle the difficult and altering behavior of such persons with diagnoses like Mr. Thurman.

4.) Around November 24, 2012 Mr. Thurmam called the Phoenix Police Department, accusing me of threatening him with knives. The Police department sent 8 officers. It was the decision of the officers that Mr. Thurmans call was not warranted/no complaint and that I keep all knives in my room, safe and secure. The police officer stated that he would contact Southwest Behavioral Services and request an intervention and separation.

5.) On December 23, 2013, I received an irate message/call from case worker Johnny Garcia, making accusations that Mr. Thurman had informed him of that which were not true. From the stern and angered voice tones of Mr. Garcia, it was stated by him that after the Christmas holiday some appropriations would result. After the Christmas holidays no such intervention was conducted. At this point I felt Neglected and subjected to Mr. Thurman uncontrollable extreme anxiety attacks.

6.) On April 17, 2013 Mr. Thurman was arrested at our apartment in which the officer stated that he would get in touch with Southwest Behavioral Service regarding the wrong placement of  Mr. Thurman with me and the resulted factors that have altered my life.
I don’t understand how can two different police incidences request intervention and separation of both Mr. Thurman and I, but nothing done. Mr.Thurman has a vast number of intricate friends who are loyal to him and have been an over demanding and stress upon my life. These incidences have made my life unstable, and it has resulted in changes in my education and health. Due to these reason, I am pursuing a formal complaint with HUD and HOPWA which was begun February 2013.

I am forwarding this letter to you for your understanding of the facts as they occurred. Please note, I did not expect these events to get out of control and although my attendance to properly convey information to the case manager would have resulted in different actions. I feel that more than enough conveying was done by the Police department, Mr. Thurman, Mr. Thurman friends and others who all state the same thing: South West Behavioral Service seemed to be neglecting their role and duty as case manager of both Mr. Thurman and Paul Goree with a failed roommate placement.

I don’t know what criteria Southwest Behavioral Services use when placing people, but a good example of a preventive placement system is used by the correction department, For example:

Public Risk Scoring Criteria:
Eight criteria are assessed to determine the Public Risk Score. The highest individual score on any of the eight criteria determines the final recommendation for the inmate’s public risk level.
Severity of Offense
Extent of Violence in Current Offense
Use of Weapon in Current Offense
History of Escape
History of Violence
History of Confinement
Estimated Length of Confinement
Status of Detainers

I believe several of these criteria were neglected, and resulted in a hostile 8 month stressful living horror for me, while a recipient of HOWPA/HUD.

Thank You
Paul Dewitt Goree

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