R.E.D.U (Reverse the Environment of Drugs and You) work in progress


R.E.D.U is the acronym for Reverse Environment Drugs and You. It in part is a testimonial of my life of drug usage, which awkwardly began in 1992. Ambitious and unknowledgeable, I was attending Seattle Community College. My goal was to obtain my A.A. and a Q.C.D.C which today are titled CAADAC & NAADAC. Having never used drugs, I found it difficult to counsel others on the matter. However I quickly learned that counseling was not an personal advice effort. But was depended and structured around a practical formula. I unwittingly asked the instructor, “How can I counsel someone on marijuana use, when I have never used marijuana?” I was immediately reminded of the technique we were reviewing in another class on counseling. Well that explanation was enough for me, and so I decided, that we live and learn. And from that day forward, I set out to try all the drugs on the National Institute of Drug, drug chart. The chart consist of the following categories: Prescription Medication, Other Compounds (ex: anabolic steroids), Hallucinogens, Dissociative Drugs (ex: Ketamine), Club Drugs (ex: MDMA), Stimulants, Opioids, Cannabinoids, Alcohol and Tobacco.

From 1992 till 2011, I accomplished my imprudent goal. Today I look back at that self-challenge and am thankful to faith (Yes, I always prayed to GOD to see me through the madness I had positioned myself). I am also thankful to the various instructors, users, and theories regarding drug usage. When I was 18 I sign petition and later voted for ballot measure Assigned Number 692– Sponsors Karen Pehoushek and Mr. Robert Killian- The petition secured 260,335 signatures. The petition was found to have sufficient valid signatures, and appeared on the Nov. 3, 1998, General Election Ballot in the state of Washington. This was the first step towards understanding drugs and politics. From that day forward, I have signed marijuana legislation in every state I have lived in. Even when I discontinued use of marijuana in 2000; I still supported the rights of those who desire it. Today as I look at marijuana dispensaries and Colorado’s general marijuana usage public policy enactment (Amendment 64): I can’t help but think VICTORY!!! But victory in legal usage (marijuana) is the easier portion of drug usage equation. In order to fully have a drug victory, we must look towards innovative education of drugs, intervening programs for control and non-control of usage, and advanced treatment programs that are individually based upon the clients Biopsychosocio-spiritual dynamics.

From 2011 I have reviewed many theories revolving around drug usage and drug addiction. I have participated in some group counseling treatment programs that were successful and some that were not. The difference between the successful ones was they centered around some of the basic 12 Step Recovery Program and were more self determinately based. I am in the process of documenting my personal usage and how I have come to this point, in my reversal of the environment(s) drugs and me. Here are some of the basics of R.E.D.U and theories which are relevant.


r time 1

environment 2

drugs 2

you puzzle 2


2 thoughts on “R.E.D.U (Reverse the Environment of Drugs and You) work in progress

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  2. Karl Leonard Meyer

    A man after my own heart. I, too, sought the knowledge that only comes through experience of the mystical, magical, mind-altering effects of drugs. Although I am not currently using any, (my last three connections fail me; one died, one moved, one had his number disconnected,) I am not determinedly adverse to any future use.. especially of marijuana, mary jane, “tea,” “a bone,” ganga, hash, (lebanese blond, etc,) hash oil, Thai Stick, Maui Wowee, Panama Red, Minnesota Green, “Shake,” “kush,” Columbian Gold, Alaskan Thunderfuck, and especially for children who may be suffering from uncontrolled seizures: Charlottes Web. I really must get myself to Colorado, where I may begin to educate myself on the differences between and the varying applications for Indica vs. Sativa varieties. I also like both Coke, (things go better with coke!,) and heroin, although I prefer opium smoking to the more powerful and dangerous Smak and prefer snorting Snow to either freebasing or crack usage, whatever you may call that manner of usage. I love the tradition behind the code phrase, “I need to go powder my nose.” It is understood, of course, that the gentleman you may be entertaining should provide you with $50 upon hearing that news from you, so that you may purchase the desired powder. Upon your return, he may expect you to be at your most charming and vivacious, a wise investment for those who appreciate, and can afford, quality reparte’ from their dates. I am one such gentleman. Ladies? Are you available to distinguished callers of a certain age? My last mistress decided to grace a younger man with her wit and wisdom. Alas and alack. I am, once again, lonely.


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