Character Revisted: JFK the Individual American – President


The question of character is brought to my attention again. The first time it was May 2010, of which I stated:

“The question of character is brought to my attention, and I stumble to find significant reference. My stumbling is not due to poor character, rather an affirmation of individualism. As an American, we have been condition to a set of empowering words: Liberty, Individualism, Freedom, Natural Right, Open Society and Freedom of existence. It goes without stating that all of these words detail the American archetype. A closer look at the originators of these terms provides a clearer perspective, of the double sword nature of these terms, hence characteristics.

One of the primary contributors of this self liberating orientation was Thomas Hobbes. Ironically Hobbes expressed the notion of “natural rights”, but advocated total sovereignty control. The absolute control Hobbes advocated was in understanding, that if each individual has a natural right to all of the environment around them, then each has an equal right to protect the possessions which each accumulated, in whatever manner they found fit. The phase “Dog Eat Dog world” is an understatement, referring to Hobbes. In order to have PEACE and CIVILITY among the society, order had to be established. This order is in actuality a waiver of one’s individual rights, to the collective effort. ” For his wit and expressive ideology, Thomas Hobbes was convicted by King Charles II. He was prohibited to any further publishing. His will to pursue happiness was removed from him. It was King Charles II’s active attempt to end all ATHEISM within England, and thus prohibited Hobbes future publishing. And yet his character strength in him and those who peered through the hypocritical judgment of Parliament and King Charles II.

The reason character come into question again; is because I am reading “A Question of Character: A Life Story of John F. Kennedy” by Thomas C. Reeves. From the reading, several individuals (Americans) with the fully right of expression, conclude from their perception of the late president, opinions that seem to lace together a defined character of JFK. Depending on who and what motive of intent, these opinions can be linked with others of a similar nature, by which the late president seems rather non-heroic and manipulative. Reeves provides detailing statements from socialite, Mary Pinchot Meyers, James Angleton and Tom Bradlee, as to the drug usage of John F. Kennedy in the White House. According to these recollections, Kennedy used marijuana, cocaine, hashish and acid. However these recollections can not attest to the great job the late president performed and his commitment to his job as leader of the free word.

Reeves also states that, Victor Lasky (journalist) stated John F. Kennedy as “cold, calculating, vain, superficial, and morally obtuse (pg. 3). Yet what Lasky fails to define, are the circumstances by which those characteristics were ascribed. How could a loving/caring father also be cold and morally obtuse? Well if the father portion of JFK’s total Biopsychosocial-Sprititual essence was removed. And only the Democratic, Civil Rights advocator portions of his political agenda was the circumstance, then perhaps it would be correct to use such words.

The point of this is to empower all individuals as to the complete essences of an individual and not just the critics and opinions of a few, who will by nature of our American existence: have negative factors to contribute to another. A person has a private life, by which the pursuit of it is a right as our American liberty dictates. The public life of a person is sure to be infused with professional ethics, codes of conduct, laws and simple social politeness. However should a person be judged by their private life essences, especially if they go beyond the normal standard to insure that these private passions do not interfere with their public life.

Character is such an integral factor of our self esteem as it is crashed against the Social Constructed Reality. I firmly believe all individuals need to have their FULL Biopsychosocial Spiritual essence review before any one judge can conclude their fate. Because where men create fate, God creates FAITH!


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