False Life Insurance : Yahoo Answer Community 2007


Back in 2007 I asked the Yahoo Answer Community the following question.

Life Insurance Question?
What can you do, if someone gets a Life Insurance Policy in your name without your permission? Are all policies payable? How can you contact Insurance Agencies to let them know?

here are some of the replies.

Best AnswerAsker’s Choice

mbrcatz answered 7 years ago
You contact that insurance company, and tell them someone forged your signature and impersonated you when they took the blood samples. You then contact your state insurance commissioner for the same. Then you file charges against the policy owner.

AGENCIES have nothing to do with it. They can’t do a blessed thing. Policies are payable unless they are cancelled. You need to contact the company that wrote the policy, and your state insurance department fraud unit.

KIDD3422 answered 7 years ago
One should not be able to get a life insurance policy in your name without your permission. Contact the company and ask them what you have to do to get it canceled.

mark s
Mark S answered 7 years ago
This CANNOT happen!!!! Period!!! End of statement.
Life insurance is a contract and all persons who are subject to that contract HAVE TO/ MUST sign the papers.

After researching further, I found out that indeed these types of false Life Insurance scams go on. Back in 2007 Helen Golay 76, and Olga Rutterschmidt 74, allegedly took out several life insurance policies on Paul Vados 73, and Kenneth McDavid 50, then killed them by running over them with a car. See article at

http://articles.latimes.com/keyword/olga-rutterschmidt or

http://lapdblog.typepad.com/lapd_blog/2006/05/page/2/ (may 19, 2007).

If you are concerned like I was, that this could happen to you, then as stated by mbrcatz on Yahoo Answers, you should contact your State Insurance Commissioner and let them know, that you believe someone maybe trying to place a future false claim against you. I was informed to provide the name of the all possible legitimate person who might fail a claim. Supposedly the State Insurance Commissioner notifies enforcement, insurance companies and all interested parties: if questionable claims are made. Is this being paranoid, well for me, I was thinking it’s better to be safe. Besides the ideal of someone involved with my death, collecting money is repulsive! So I’d rather be considered paranoid, but I’m really just be cautious.


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