ONWARD – De Mon Faire
By: Paul Dewit Goree 8/7/2014 (PHX wave conclusion 8/2014)

(DE MON FAIRE = Of My Maneuvering. knowing that I am maneuvering nothing and God maneuvers all.)

Gone are the feelings, the mislead urges
Denied, keeping me hungry forever
Washed in the tide an insipid star
The star you stole and deprived me

Gone are excuses, the lingering fuel
Of a life mistake, dooming a forward tread
With nothing from nothing, growth with nothing done
It’s seems life has a power, a power of its’ own

What I’m not understanding ,
Is now divinely synched automatic
Within the valley , I feel myself
Looking down up from a peak
Knowing that distances and time
Lay ahead, and so must I
All of the past rest assured
Becomes the strength as I venture on…
On, on, on, on ONWARD, on, on, on, ONWARD!

Gone are the systems of error default
The people expectations lost, now that I
Contest, and demand the equivalent
Manipulation disentangles, no negative energy resides

Gone are the ambitions, of collective worth
Pushing aside, all my De Mon Faire
Reversing decisions, displaced within myself
I find it easier to say “Jesus Love” and let others find their way


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