same day man 1Something I wrote back in 2009: Still applies to me today, expect more adversaries (external and No Mass).

By: Paul DeWitt Goree copyright 08/09 PDG LVNV

You’ll never find me, at local discotheques after hours
There’s days, time subsisted and lived: is a crime, just like dictating worth, with paper dollars
“Oh Thou be in search to find, what’s lost, the social scars are so revealing, with life too uneasy.
You see I played that game, and drove myself insane.
Got an addiction to, falsifies never understood.
The boy next door who use to walk your dog
Got lost as the story goes! Where at, it’s yet revealed.
Yes, that boy next door, imprudent, jester ,lurch around , 2nd person “HEY HEY IT’S ME”
Got rapt, sunk in, by a trick bagger, some wounds are self commenced. Yet on the other side of LUCK – Energy is best, released…

I’m the same day man that I use to be
Same day man, that I use to be
Same day man, that I use to be
I’m not unmasked to fool
I’m the same day man…

So ask your questions, to whoever’s paying by the hour
The space of 7th degree, is something I really can’t afford to.
And so it’s good for you, the aerials are controlling, every hour.
With spirits free, , it’s manifest’s burning – “No Social Disrespect-No Revolution is to follow!!!”
You see I slapped that cuff off, step from the “Looking Glass”, feels good to breath at last.
I’m that same day boy, sparked with a tactful smile, so proud to crawl and fail, integrity worn proud.

Repeat Chorus:

Next time for sure, don iron shoes, them others kind are too unkind (and hurt your feet)
A barefoot boy, grown into to a man,, not in a beggar suit, this is the HOBO VOGUE (roam, it’s prudent, live and learn it, do it)
You can only be, to be beat, believe, there is no earthly undone deed
You get to see, seed, succeed, life is ENERGY concurring matter, feeds.
Keep to the dance, don’t stop the dance,!
Keep on willing to believe…don’t stop the dance.

You see I still the same day man that I use to be
Same day man that I use to be
Same day man that I’ll always be
I’m not too remote peculiar…I’M THE SAME DAY MAN
(as yesterday, and tomorrow day, and all the days that never go away)


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