Person – Environment: Case Manager Neglect Continues…


As I look back, nearly 2 years have passed. I am still in REVOLT. I can not move forward knowing , that the incidences regarding South West Behavioral Services, have gone unattended. I t is of particle concern to me, because I have decided that I will no longer seek an BSW/MSW . After this has concluded, I will continue on within the social service field, but the thought of becoming licensed and professionally affiliated at this point seems, useless-considering the unethical actions of Margret Finn and Johnny Garcia. It is important that I always let this event be a reminder of how easily a persons life can change. As a case manager, I was being trained to attended to these changes, thus helping one develop self -determinate measures, by which they could be preventative to the unforeseen causalities of life.  I firmly believe that when assisting, one must be fully aware of the Biopsychosocio-Spiritual dimensions of an individuals total state of being.

Understanding the dynamics of a persons full state of being, makes it possible for not only the case manager, but the client to see a step by step development approach to behavior that is based on biological factors, psychological factors, sociological factors and spiritual factors. Understanding these factors, I believe help fuel a person to self -determinate actions, as they perceive their total existence is based on more than just them self. Thus no one individual is the total responsibility of their actions, seeming we live within a social interactive society. Like -wise no one individual is 100% responsible for their total actions, seeming others are required for an interaction to occur. Thus social inter-action involves individuals affecting each other and influencing thought, leading to behavior.

I reflect on these events, (I have termed: Person –Environment: Case Manager Neglect) and so many unanswered questions exist. Today I questioned yet another neglecting moment, where the case manager could have intervened, and they did not.   During 3/2013  Johnny Garcia  brought to my attention, information that proves him not proceeding ethically.  Mr. Garcia phoned me and probed for information regarding an accusation from my roommate. My roommate had informed Mr. Garcia that I had raped him. This event did not occurred. But the fact that Mr. Garcia failed to proceed accordingly proves that  Mr. Garcia was aware of dangerous events (such as false accusations), that could foster and incriminate or lead to other destructive results. Knowing this to be a fact, he did not find it necessary to intervene at that point. Leaving me and my roommate in a very hostile environment, which now he has acknowledge is unsafe. I can’t believe that a state licensed case manager, would leave a client in a unsafe environment.  It’s event such as this, I can not begin to come to terms with moving forward. Thus I will continue to post the events of 8 month of torment ( November 2012-June 2013) as they occurred, and by which Margret Finn and Johnny Garcia neglected their licensed obligated duty to intervene.


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