Slap Stick – Sexual Taboo in Teusia: No Mass Cosmic Games



(Laughing) …ohhh Lot, the No Massians are going to have the most difficult time redempting you. “You can’t lose by winning, or win by losing”. Every act by you-results in the opposite of their purposefully intent. Haaa Lot consider your self a first of first. I’ll explain it- as you know the Self Flixs are a sort of introduction for Teusians of new arrivals.


Usually new arrivals come here lacking 3rd dimensional physicals traits. The few human traits which remain, are the factors by which ‘Zeros’ is obtained and the new arrival can precede onward with redemption. As on Earth, Teusia has its’ unique living assets. On Earth sex is morally restricted for procreation use. Most humans die knowing nothing of the tremendous transmutable energy, physical sex release (N.Hill). Most humans die sexually frustrated.


Yet they find it socially accepting to demoralized those who enjoy the physical sport of sex. On earth sex is a silent taboo. For instance the ridiculously political effort it took for homosexuality to be reconsidered non-psychological in nature. Haaaa… the best sex is same sex! When one understands transmutable energy.


Yet countless humans restrain themselves, eventually repressing themselves: from enjoying and benefiting from the various possibilities of their physical sexual abilities (S.Freud). Whereas Earth nature of a limiting physical, results in sexual activity which lead to quite intimate serious affairs. Teusians find all things pertaining to sex humorous. In fact it’s ‘Slap Stick’ comedy. Isn’t that the phrase they use on Earth, Lot?


Lot reluctantly shook his head in agreement. As St. P continued to speak and laugh. Ohhh how I wish you fully understood this incident which occurred. So let me rephrase it….You were at a ‘Self Flix’ and you were naturally sexually aroused. As you stood up to rush to the restroom. Your fully erected penis popped out your pants. Ha ha ha…Oh Lot, No Mass is going to have a difficult time explaining all your actualities.


It seems the more they try to create a condition of unethical function of you. The more they expose their unethical professionalism and many of their associations. You’d think they would leave you alone. But yet they are intended on capturing nothing more than what they have thrusted into revolt. And your revolt is one of self-principles, which are non-existence in the 4th dimension. But I understand why you can’t simply walk away and go about life, like none of this has occurred. IT OCCURED. Thus it must have a closure for life to continue forward. So you should worry little about the social effects of Teusia, seeming it’s mostly conditioned symbolic reactions, which they must overcome to be redeemed.

Lot here is why everyone at the ‘View Hall’ laughed at the sight of your, fully erected penis. First you go about Teusia perceiving yourself as clothed. Yet the majority of Teusians have no physical form. Thus to feel you respond, as if your were nude-was a shock to the 4th dimensional souls. But to actually see you with an erection: is something unexplainable to them. You are the one in between dimensions. The Teusians are attempting to transgress on into the 5th dimension. All 3rd dimensional factors of human existence must be removed from their soul…or would you rather hear the word SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND.

So now they are confused. You know you are correct-regarding the reckless mistake No Mass made: with their intent to ruin your life. You’re correct in your revolt. And it seems the more No Mass try to mask you. The more faith, unmask the mask all see No Mass placing… It’s a funny round about mess, in your favor. However it is causing great disruption in Teusia and for No Mass. I’m sure the future will favor you. At least these humorous events and documentation of them, will provide evidence of an innocent human-wrongfully attack, then erased. But then you could never be erased, Lot.

So tell me what happened when you went into the restroom. Where the non-sexual/A sexual Teusians, impressed with your profound humanly organs on display. Imagine had your heart been visible, it really would have been a heart attack of events, uhmm ha ha ha!



ART by: Sean Platter


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