The Cali Baja Venture

I first went to the Baja in 1987 visiting a friends family in Mexicali and then enjoy San Felip. It was wonderful then, I can’t wait to see all this new development and progression.

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Recently (June 10, 2014) David Brat (Virginia’s 7th congressional district) defeated Eric Cantor, former House Majority Lead. While celebrating his victory, Brat pointed out the primary factor fueling his success, was his not so lenient regards towards immigration. Brat has been quoted as having a no amnesty ideology, and will create major implications for Obama’s Immigration over-haul aspirations. While immigration continues to play a deleterious role in American political rectitude, a more optimistic decorum is becoming a reality after 6 years of global legislation. The Cali Baja Mega Region Initiative is an unrivaled challenge, making the current political ills of immigration seem antediluvian.

The Cali Baja Mega Region started in 2008. It was in 2008 that the Economic Development Administration (EDA), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, awarded San Diego Regional EDC and the Imperial Valley EDC a grant worth $225,000 to develop a bi-national strategy. As a result…

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