We Will Get There-Easily Mislead (uhm Paul Goree )

First thing first, the images and story of this video is sincere and still part of my desires-should I strike it rich. But using sociopsychology. The entire video I made was just to learn how to obtain the impossible from thought. Reading Napoleon Hill, Basha and Wayne Dyer. It’s amazing what thought can manifest in the real world consciousness. So the ideal is to think of the impossible (for me that would be to win $100,000,000.00 dollars from the Arizona lottery). Then imagine all the thing you would do with the impossible thought you had. (For me that is all depicted in the video, as I would finish school (BSW/MSW-JD), open a non-profit agency and begin helping the world be a better place. By providing resources and referrals; that combat Maslow’s lower level of social survival needs (water, food, shelter, security and safety). Well pop the imagination bubble and realize the odds of the impossible thought you had, might not come true. But what can happen, is that all the things you imagined you would do, can happen-if you apply yourself. This is why day dreaming is benefits the conscious reality.

Unbelievably I have to question the source of this song. I got the song from a Madonna YouTube video (I went to watch Hung Up-and this played instead). I believe the laptop was phished on. So I downloaded a capturing device and captured this song. Now no such song by a band titled Easily Mislead can be found, uhmmmm!!! Could this be proof that since I first arrived in Phoenix (9/2011), I was being tagged, phished on my laptop, and followed (for what who knows, who cares-why give credit to those wanting it. My latest Facebook post credited Young Jeezy with Trap In California. But for me I’m Trapped In Phoenix…”son now that I know that you’ve been trapped. You wanna perform now, but they hold ya back-to face consequences, on what you did on some bullshit!!!…) nevertheless, it proves several things to me today. Never let something mal or others remove from you the essences of your soul. Like I have stated, all the things visualized in this video can occur within my lifetime.

I also learned negative rhetoric is often given regarding capturing devices and copyright violations on the internet. However, I have always seen the internet as a means to document my interest. If someone phishes my laptop (they are the one’s violating internet laws, in their attempt to mislead) capturing devices, etc. can help provide evidence later after the fact.


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