Tact, Mr. Lincoln (“Simple Lincoln”)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


TACT, Mr. Lincoln (“Simple Lincoln”)

I have been posting several post (various social networks) that are beneficial to me as I go through what I am perceiving as it is happening to me. Thus since 2013 I’ve been posting about a Default (last/formal declaration or accordance) resulting in a Revolt. And until the revolt has closure, all that was constructed cannot simple be abolished. For several reasons, first we (I) am an American, and with that title comes the rights of expression. I cannot nor will wavier my freedom to express, that which I believe is correct. Likewise I encourage all to utilize to the most, their liberties, advocate our liberties and allow all to do the same. The events of my revolt, are due to the negligent actions of 2 case managers (Juan (Johnny) Garcia and Margret Finn) at SouthWest Behavioral Services. I can’t believe that the state of Arizona has licensed 2 case managers, providing them the right to do as they please. The disruption of another persons life could have been prevented by them. The additional comments and suggestion from other professionals, (like the Phoenix Police Department) went unattended to, as I let my life plunged downward, shock that these events are going unattended. As of 10/30/2014 legal action seems to be either too expensive or difficult. Thus I am left to continue writing and posting that maybe LIBERTY in the United States is bias. And that characters, such as Finn and Garcia can actually get away with murder. How many other clients have they done wrong. I’ve met 5 other. So Arizona is in the end responsible for licensing unethical case managers!

READ MORE AT: http://paulgoree.blogspot.com/2014/09/client-profile-debate-unethical-actions.html
With that in mind, this week (Monday 20, 2014) I came across an uplifting article in the Smithsonian. The article was uplifting because it made me realize that my actions as they may be perceive by others, at some point are not well with me either. For example this article is definite proof to me, that my effort has interfered with my prior developed intent. The article was published February 2014 and I am just now reading it October 2014. Shame on me!!! But then it’s best to receive information when it is timely. Timely for me, is this week.The article Lincoln’s Boys is by Joshua Zeltz. As I read this article, I was amazed, up to page 77. Upon which the amazement became an internalization (providing for me validation or my purpose). What was written is as follows…

“(Lincoln) Populated his cabinet with former opponents for the Republican presidents discernment and magnanimity in choosing men who he “did not know”…He recognized them as governors, senators, and statesmen, while they yet looked upon him as a simple frontier lawyer at most, and a rival to who chance had transferred the honor they felt to be due to themselves.” Presaging the popular argument that Lincoln forged a “team of rivals”…the strong personalities and talents who constituted his inner circle did not always appreciate, “the stronger will and …more delicate tact [that] inspired and guided them all.” (Smithsonian, pg.77)

Upon reading this section, I paused and quickly reflect upon my own life (my entire life). What first comes to thought is the book, The Elephant in The Room by Eviatar Zerubavel. Lincoln’s elephant was his life developed tact (which I term his Americanism), and how that lived tact flourished to it’s fullest purposes (regardless of all else, it seems at times). The fact that others ignore or are in denial of the elephant, doesn’t diminish from their effort, as far as Lincoln is concerned. Seeming through his actions alone, accepting them as the persons that they are, as they introduce themselves, as they follow through with their corresponding actions. Still isn’t reason for him to alter any aspect of his life, as lived. Their appreciation of his life development, criticized by them with expression of his leadership abilities, his simple minded ways and thoughts, his inability to choose worthy persons (from his wife to generals), his gullible nature, awkward stance, and peculiar essences. With all of their comments/thoughts/critics, he did by action alone, let them and their expression be, as they should be: VALID. Seeming this is the United States of America, and their opinions are guaranteed through the INDIVIDUALISM of our LIBERTY. Very well tact, Mr. Lincoln was.

I at this point in my life, having be so tolerable and accepting of much, cannot and will not alter, what is already developed. Some still criticize me for being gullible in nature when it comes to all of those I seem to so easily let drift into my life: which results in various attempts of mayhem. I’m ok with that, knowing that it is of my intent to never prevent another from expressing themselves as they attempt to explain or correct what they perceive. Humiliation is insignificant, when principles of expression, individualism, liberty and justice are in question.

I chose to only express my ordeal over the internet. That is my intended thought, by which much criticism is obtain by using such a limiting (as some may perceive) medium to deal with something that is personable. But then I have always admire those who push their freedoms and agendas, seeming it is through those actions that they become LEDGENDARY in the minds of those of the future. All events on the various blogs and social networks are my expression of events that occurred from 11/2012-06/2013 and have trickled down to a revolt of standards of the SCR. No event is without causation. No causation exist upon its own existences. In this social (SCR) reality, we are a social people, and all actions done upon one, eventually effects the entire. Thus Onward with my Default/Revolt.

Also in the spirit of all that has been expressed by me in this posting. I would like to give some credit to a great church/organizational program. Whereby I needed some “pray” for motivation, and I got a daily bread tract plus note in a purple envelope (scan posting to follow soon). I received this purple envelope on 9/28/2014 when I, going through the dull routine events of my REVOLT in Phoenix (again, explanation posting to come). The result of one of these dull events is complete dehydration and energy lost due to no food. I went their and got a lunch sack. There was a purple envelope that stated in a note, Romans 15:13 and a personal note (daily bread) stating, “I am praying that you will see God’s Blessings today”. Which I did, as I read the tract included and it Romans 3:23:6:23. Thank You CHURCH ON THE STREET for being and providing that “pray” I needed 10/13/2014, when I finally opened the envelope and read it.


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