Why the Game…Is It Any Wonder (Part 1-5: Sectional Chapters from No Mass: Cosmic Games) by: Paul Goree 2011-2014


Why The Game…Is It Any Wonder (No Mass: Cosmic Games) by: Paul Goree 2011-2014

WHY THE GAME…IS IT ANY WONDER (1 of 5 Why the Game-Sectional Chapters of No Mass:Cosmic Games) (by: Paul Goree  2011-2014)

Lot seemed perturb, only to be further frustrated; as he attempted to cognate some feelings of discontent. If it was nothing to be felt, then why would a settled suggestion exist. A suggestion, from the No Mass, stating as usual, what they would like to implant into Lots mind. As long as he fought the thoughts, which were not internal: he had the upper hand on this very exhausting communication.

LOT to ST. P
I dont’ get it? What is the feeling, of which nothing is felt, yet something is thought, ought to be felt!

It’s just the game. The Game insist on having total control. Thus No Mass, pound upon a mind, like a constant jack hammer. It’s intent is to cement, seeds of conformity. By creating confusing within the internal mind, No Mass knows that sooner or later, the subject will break! It’s a cruel tactic, but no different than the one used on earth for brain washing.

I remember when I first came into contact with No Mass. They seemed like the most rudest creatures on earth. They had a way of sizing up entire events, without any regards to the universal error they had made. The error was because they lacked to include within their total, 80% of the totals variables. Their equation, left out unknown values, which are the core of 3rd dimensional social dynamics. It is termed, Simple Social Interaction. It hypothesizes that:

Wij = aj + B jE ( Wj) + yj Xij + uij

(This equation is altered, using individuals as the expressions, instead of countries, as stated in Daniel Felsenstein work.) The equation supposes that two individuals are identical except for the fact that A had more space than B. If the populations are the same where both resided, the inhabitant of B would have more opportunity to interact, considering proximity. This equation would have to take into account other variables, such as the earning levels of each, characteristics, education, sex, health, etc. The entire scope of defining an individual, is much more than it’s 20% sum. Yet No Mass, in their attempt to re-condition a mind. Selectively removed all variables that accounted for individualism. This way, they could have more control of the collective.

No Mass attempts to prevent Kiais-Spiritual Kiais, the soul shouting out to the universe. Unfortunately in the 3rd dimension, the majority are unaware of this fact. They may pray, but their prays are not complete in proportion to the essence to their faith.  Many over come this, through empowerment and human discipline. When such great events occur, the critic of such triumphs are shadowed. To make matters worst, the triumphs are often diffused early in their stages, by professional, who out of their own jealous worth; intentionally attend and not attend to create failure.

They didn’t want self pride to become a characteristic of the collective. They instead wanted the collective to be the pride of their individual defective souls. Each soul was ugly, damaged, sinful, manipulative, evil, and could not be trusted. However as a collective, the individual souls, formed a new identity for themselves. And this is where their pride should encompass.

They hated individualism. The ideal of an individual seeking internal peace, through reflective dialog within the self, was not tolerated. Negativity streamed the air, to interrupt such people, as they sought to meditate. There was noUNCONDITIONAL RESPECT for any person, seeking peace first for the internal, then the external. Such people were considered dangerous, because they socially isolated themselves from the external. It was considered offensive to be alone, think alone, dream alone.  It isn’t a wonder-it is incidental and it conditions, preventing the TAO humble tolerance. I was hated for my silence. While in my silence, I was reflecting my entire life. I was laughing inside to my silly antics. I was crying inside for my non-compassion. I was redeeming myself for the many times I wasn’t loving. And by doing this in silence, in my mind, alone, I was hated. People like to learn from one another-yes this is true. But before one can learn from another, shouldn’t they let that other learn of themselves first. Thus preventing chaos!

The feeling of frustration that you may feel, Lot. I understand-seeming the soul is captured within the physical elements of the 3rd dimension. Now that you are quasi physical in the 4th dimension, you have a clearer understand of energy. Your soul energy here is the same as it was in the 3rd dimension. One exception, you had less control of it. Seeming it was restricted by the physical body. The physical body prevented the soul from existing as a total. In-fact the conditions by which the soul existed, were quit cramped, and created an invisible pressure, equating to stress. Many awakening thoughts and practices in the 3rd dimension, sought to clarify the soul energy. They expressed such thoughts of the internal self seeking peace. Well that is in direct contradiction of 3rd dimensional reasoning.

The awakening thoughts suggest that the conflict of the internal soul seeking peace, creates external fixations. These fixations become psychosis to the peace seeker. When the peace seeker is in meditation, they are able to move the fixations into bubble like containers. These bubble containers rise above the peace seekers head, and become separate from the peace seeker, reliving prior stress. The more advance the peace seeker get, the bubbles start to burst. The objective is to burst all of the bubbles, thus removing the soul from the manifestations of the external world, that have occupied the mind/wit/soul/sub-conscious. Once this free empty state of mind is obtained. The soul can attempt to do what it does best. Transmute it’s self into the spectrum of the universe. Very few in the 3rd dimension get the opportunity to enjoy this wonder.

Lot you speak of feeling something, with nothing to feel, but ought to be felt! Well considering your quasi 3rd dimensional state, that is what it is-confusion. Yet imagine 4th dimensional existences, feeling the same as you, but towards a 5th dimensional lacking. In which they soulfully seek. Is it any wonder?


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