Case Manager Neglect: Importance of Civil Liberties


We the people, of the nation for the people by the people: Value the guarantee of security, found in our civil liberties. These liberties are rooted in the Bill of Rights. They ensure that as a citizen of the United States of America no individual or organizations can violate our pursuit of happiness and life!!! Yet case managers like Margret Finn and Johnny Juan Garcia from South West Behavioral Services, have proven these liberties NO LONGER have any weight or security. Their neglective and violating actions are being done at a time when our nation is defending AMERICANS from terrorist. Yet their actions (terrorist in nature) slowly erode the core values by which we are subject to a desensitized understanding and acceptance of our rights. I can not and will not let this ordeal be sweep under the rug:because no matter what the out come is-my AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES WILL NOT BE VIOLATED AND GO UNATTENDED!

margret finn

Margret Finn
South West Behavioral Services
Violated 5th Amendment of Paul Goree (May 2013)

May 2013- Mrs. Finn failed to acknowledge the private property rights of Mr. Goree. All Americans have the right to the TOTAL ownership of their private property and purchases. It is irrelevant if the private property is .10 cent lollipop or $80,000.00 car. If we allow these minute variances become non-acknowledge, then we contribute to our nations decline. My paid invoice from COX Communication gurantees ownership, by which I am the only person who can delegate usage, sale, or transfers: Not Mrs. Finn.

margret finn

Johnny Juan Garcia
South West Behavioral Services
Violated 4th Amendment of Paul Goree and Guest (June 2013)

June 2013- Mr. Garcia failed to acknowledge that residency privacy is a matter of the property owner/management and the public enforcement (local police). The act of entering a private dwelling is not a decision sub contractual agents (such as case managers at South West Behavioral Services) can decided upon their own. The only people who can enter a property is the property owner/management and the local police (with a complaint or warrant). As Mr.Garcia entered my private dwelling, he violated not only my civil liberties, he also violated my guest civil liberties. My guest was a prior tenant, waiting for Mr. Garcia (property management had called Mr. Garcia’s office) to come and unlock the door to his prior apartment so that he could retrieve his personal items. Mr. Garcia to anxious to delegate the law, order him to leave the premises. After which Mr. Garcia called the police, who upon their arrival informed Mr.Garcia not to continue informing me of who and who can not be in this apartment: other wise he would be violating my civil liberties.

ALL AMERICANS have a gurantee of civil liberties, for more information about civil liberties, visit:


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