Dome Nation USAUSA 2015

Two weeks ago a great compassionate nurse, empowered me with 2 statements that were both strength based and self determinate. She stated to upon discharged, “deterrence is also association based.”  I automatically went into my yeah yeah but…”but she stopped me and stated…”and your association in California has been what 2 months and a few weeks.”

She was correct,and that thought has been on my mind since that day. And has sprung recent work in progress post. But today I want to really reflect on my 25 year absence from California a because now it is 10 fold. In 1988 I enrolled in speech and debate to complete graduation requirements. I was new to the team and tried several categories. One competitors I entered the EXPOSE category and detailed an observation by me of homeless people under the I-5 freeway near where I lived and by the luxurious South Coast Plaza and new built performance art center. Back then it worried me that society could allow economics and development over shadow what is right-people helping people

Since then I now know that A. Maslow detailed why thus variance of economic difference exisit.Maslow suggest its because the ISA is a “Coping Mechanism” society. Based on Puritan work ethics. Maslow also details an “Expressive Mechanism” society (such as many Asian Nations) whereby societal s are attended too collectively. Take for example Japan’s “Karma Bank” which functions similar to monetary banks, but for people services.

“Today as I am homeless again in San Diego, I have much to consider. In Phoenix, AZ due to neglecting case managers and quasi qualified assistant s. I lose much but housing was offered that altered my life. Luckily for me FAITH is that strong and as I have lived  hese days homeless in 3 states (NV-2007/2008′ 2011: AZ-2011-2012, 2014-2015: CA-2015/present): I have observed much. I am upset with our modern day  American helping hands.

In 2014 I witness our nations fate Marine County and the city of New Orleans enforced encampment laws. In Phoenix where I was living the only homeless campus/shelter (non-faith based) began to close a portion of its campus. Leaving many homeless fewer options than before. In Phioenix great organizations like Home Inc exisit to end thwe homeless problem un Arizona, but what about the rest of the nation.

I have decided (if spirits are willing and favorable) to look into a project I term Dome Mation USA which will bw Kickstart funded by the individual people if this nation, for thus nations homeless population. Wheras in Phoenix the citizens of Maricopa County proved their American helping  hands by funding a homeless campus -proving their concern s about the problem. Likewise I am confident Americans will donate to fund the purchases of tents, living equipment, Trespassing violatioms fees, etc. All of these tents will represent a collective nations concerns and push politicians locally and federally to attend to this matter.


One thought on “Dome Nation USAUSA 2015

  1. paulgoree Post author

    It is so frustrating communicating at the moment on a poor writing/communicative device like this cell phone. Many errors which can be corrected once I am at the public library or community computer center. Nonetheless its difficult to be and ecpress ones self with poor tools
    But I humble myself and think of Abe Lincoln with the one book he had growing up. We learn to accept amd do our best knowing we still live on.


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