Worth of A Person Word : Margret Finn

I still am waiting for Margret Finn to verbally express the truth of her doings as the pertain to me and events that occurred in Phoenix, AZ. And since the worth of a person is the basis of the invisible communal trust. Without this invisible trust, we minimize our Liberty, because we go out into the world caution of those around us. This disenables us to fully be all that we desire to be. That trust is the basis of a communal honest system. Understanding that all citizen choose to not be regulated individually to the truth of their intent. The worth of a person word, is the means by which we interact within the safety of knowing: each takes the responsibility to express in truth, expressions that do not disrupt this communication. In this nation, The United States, this is the roots of our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT: Freedom of Expression. Underlined with communal trust.

Therefore as I had planned before leaving Las Vegas 2011, a default would result from any actions in Phoenix which interrupted my self determinate actions to continue my education and excel in modern progressive social services (DES-Economic Security of the State instead of Welfare). The default lead to a Revolt and part of that revolt is me, doing Cali Reflection, reflecting back on all events from 1989-2015. The truth is the purpose of this by which much seems to have been covered up, which I want exposed and charges to follow. Especially from business like American Express, Bank of America, 7’11, Circle K, Wal Greens, Wal Mart (ACLU attended to this) etc.

Cali Reflection : ABQ, NM 1995:
I help a friend by going to the DMV and getting his information with my pictures so that I could take the ABQ Police Department Assessment and the NAVY ASVABT for him.


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